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Clean House...

Editor, Others,
The filing period for November’s election comes in July and we will see who has expressed interest in a Mayor and 2 Council seats. If you want a change from leaders drawing the idiotic benefit of Town paid Health and Dental Insurance for these part-time employees and being denied for any other part time employees, three on this Council must go to stop this nonsense. You and I are paying through the nose for our own insurance and theirs also.
This is poor leadership and must stop. We have got to see without fail that this crowd is voted out and all who file for a seat on Council pledge to keep this insurance expense out of our budget.
This current bunch does not intend to give up their sacred insurance voluntarily. You and I have no other way but the ballot box to stop this idiotic nonsense. No one on this Council, including the two that presently do not have to run to keep their Council seats, deserves Town paid Health and Dental Insurance that as sure as we live and breath cost us taxpayers $457.27 per month for each member participating plus there is an already announced 7.9% increase for this insurance.
As we speak a lot of residents, especially Senior Citizens on fixed incomes, are in a struggle just to survive and pay their own insurance.
All of our elected officials are more than able to pay their insurance but they would prefer for us to pay it for them with our tax dollars. What a shame and this must be stopped.
Carolina Beach taxpayers have been paying for elected officials health and dental insurance for many, many years and they have shown us they intend to keep forcing us to pay for many more unless we do something about it. This practice can be stopped by us by refusing to vote for any incumbent running in our next election who support keeping this insurance and put on notice all the folks that file wanting to be elected we will not elect any more politicians wanting to suck off the public dole concerning insurance and like perks for themselves. This health and dental insurance was started many Councils ago and will not stop until voters put their foot down. We have a Mayor who was appointed by two Council members and two Council members appointed by a Mayor and two other elected Council members that have got to go. Now concerning this Council's idiotic Aquatic Center that if built will be on Town property to small to be comfortable and does not have substantial public support. This in its self shows poor decision making and desperate thinking to jump into a deal by Council to propose to spend 1.5+ million dollars of our money on this deal. This is the crowd that also voted to allow transfer dumpster's to be temporarily stored in a R-2 Residential zone and got the Town sued and had to do an about face and regroup after telling us they had exhausted all options to put this deal somewhere else. It did not take long for them to get on the ball and look again for a more suitable place. This is the crowd that tried vigorously but failed to give you non-smoking on our beaches by listening to an organization based in California and not listening to a substantial # of local folks. Very few local folks wanted it and if allowed to be put in effect it would have driven part of out tourist dollars away. I believe this bunch has overstayed their welcome and needs to go. I don't care where as long as it is out of public office at Carolina Beach.
I know I ain't a genius as most of you already suspect after reading my letters but the bad out ways the good that is happening to our Town under this administration. To me and others like me we have a pure d--- mess of local government on our hands. Have a good evening.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC