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Lack of Parking Management at Lake Events

Several residents of Atlanta Ave and Third Street are concerned about the lack of Parking Management for events held at the Lake. Town Council approves the events, provides the set-up (fenced area, portable potties) and take down after the event. That is it…
Visitors are left to figure out where to park. No attempt is made to enforce town ordinances that (as I understand it) do not permit cars parked on the road. Cars are parked on both sides of the 17 foot wide road which decreases the ability for cars(or emergency vehicles) to navigate down Atlanta and the south part of Third St.
The small public parking lot at the lake is essentially unavailable to visitors for the events because 4-5 spaces are taken up by portable potties (that could easily be relocated on grass areas) or the public parking is closed for vendors or VIP parking only.
Council approving events at the lake that easily draw more than 3,000 people (Chowder Fest) with no management of the parking is a recipe for disaster.
Impacts for Residents living near the lake:
Essentially closes access to enter or exit your home. This is not only an inconvenience but creates concerns for trapped residents who may have need for emergency services (ambulance, fire trucks, etc.). Visitors to lake events meander down Atlanta, Third and park in the road, in your driveway, on your lawn.
Impacts for Visitors to lake events:
Frustration as they meander down Atlanta, Third and elsewhere searching for parking. In time, these visitors will think twice before attending another lake event. Injury as they walk between cars and on the road to get to the event after they have parked.
Potential solutions include; Manage the parking for ALL LAKE EVENTS.
Decide where people can park, post signs and have police ticket cars parked illegally. Signs can direct visitors to the school (with golf cart shuttle to the event for those who need assistance) or wherever the town agrees to let overflow cars park.
Hire police or parking attendants (with yellow vests) to direct parking and let visitors know where to park.
ENFORCE town ordinances for cars parked illegally-post signs if need be alerting visitors to the consequences of parking illegally. Limit events at the lake to more locally focused events, such as the Movies or Farmer’s Market, directing larger events, like Chowder Fest to the Gazebo/Boardwalk area. No event attracting 2,000 (maybe less) should be allowed at the lake with such limited parking. Task some one or department with the overall management of all lake events. The management of the event should include not only set-up and tear down, but parking, signage and enforcement. Several of us recently met with the Operations Advisory Council and some preliminary discussions have begun. We are optimistic that solutions will be found. If you have an opinion on this topic, I suggest you contact a councilperson to voice your support of finding a solution.
Mark Goddard,
Carolina Beach, NC