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Outsourcing Won't Save Money

Dear Editor,
In the Gazette of 6/12/13 an article alluded on July 1st the Town would be closing their Fleet Maintenance Garage and save $50,000 per year in the process and contract with local garages for vehicle inspection and vehicle Maintenance.
Folks that savings isn't going to happen in your and my lifetime. Your Mayor states in the Gazette this move is to support our local businesses. Since when did the Town get into the business of outsourcing services to help businesses? This sounds a tad like cronyism. Hello: These garage folks have all they can do now and a parking problem created by such and the Town out sourcing a massive amount of vehicles will prove to be very expensive. Also our Town presently buys vehicle parts at wholesale pricing and will in all probability revert to paying full price for parts at out sourcing establishments. The Town will still eventually have to buy land and build an Operations Center and once again hire trained mechanics to service our vehicles because out sourcing mechanical work will prove to be more of a hassle and expense than in house work.
Now the result of this Councils failure to act immediately upon notice to vacate U.S. Army MOTSU land: All one has to do is look around in our Town Hall parking lot, front and back of Town Hall - and leased land at the former Food Lion shopping center - to see what a mess elected officials have created by their failure to act a year ago on an announced deadline to seek and purchase land to relocate our Operations Center, fleet maintenance work and storage area. Instead, see the mass of Town vehicles and other equipment strung around.
This issue was created not by the Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point (MOTSU) or other councils but by this Council's refusal to act when notified a year ago to vacate MOTSU land. Their immediate response should have been, but was not to immediately, to try to find land to purchase to replace what was/is and would continue to be one of the highest priorities in our Town.
This Town would cease to operate without a mass of vehicles of various varieties. Thus good sense would dictate the town needs our own mechanics and Operation Center.
The reality of this fiasco is Council was in disbelief and kept wishing and thinking the Town having to vacate this land was not going to have to happen. We all know the result of that train of thought. More time elapsed and now a year later we have a pure mess and still no land purchased or progress on building a much needed Operations Center.
We do have plenty of progress on an idiotic Aquatic Center that does not have substantial support and Council's nonsense of proposing to double the size of our Boardwalk to the tune of better than 2+ million dollars and all the while Hurricane/Weather forecasters are calling for larger and more frequent Hurricanes on the East coast. This crowd proposing to spend any money on doubling our boardwalk in this high-risk area is making decisions as if we are a Town in Arizona and not a hurricane prone area. Dumb, dumb and dumbest.
Surely the issue of vehicle upkeep and maintenance and an Operation Center must be put on a higher priority than Councils frill of a 2+million dollar boardwalk and their frill of a 1.5 + million dollar pool. But it isn't.
Your Mayor is continually patting himself and this Council on the back for what he thinks is a splendid job they are doing. He needs to talk to the folks that are going to dismiss him from elected office at the ballot box.
Our taxpayers also know better and will vote three of this crowd out in November and November two years from now the remaining two will also go. The confidence in this Council with taxpayers and voters is not there. Anyone on this present Council that thinks they will be reelected is in for a very big surprise. Our voting residents and taxpayers do not buy a 1.5+ million dollar Aquatic Center, a total remake of the boardwalk at 2+ million dollars, Council voting themselves in our budget year after year Health and Dental Insurance now at $493.00 per month at our expense and surely do not buy Council voting themselves $250.00 per month car allowance in our Town 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide and many more poor decisions that this Council has made in their time in office. This Council not accepting a 2% raise in their salary as has been reported will do little to appease anyone and will not make everything wrong in this administration right.
The attention an Operations Center has been getting in the past few months shows major disregard for this issue because they think they have solved the problem by implementing farming out more expensive equipment maintenance.
Thus another stall on the way in Council not purchasing land for an Operations Center. We were told that Council had exhausted all options to find suitable land for this very pressing need but we now know as the result of their getting the Town sued that was not the case at all. This was a stalling tactic designed to appease and get citizens off their back.
This issue will not go away but after the November votes are counted (3) of this crowd will go as a result. The reality of Town issues is we have a Council who votes to adopt our budget that contains Town paid Health and Dental Insurance and their self given car allowance that has no taxpayer/voter support and other frills and their thrills and not our immediate needs.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC