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Council Spending

I have spoken to our Town Council in public discussion in 3 presentations concerning them needing to remove their self serving costly Health and Dental Insurance from our budget.  
It is reasonable for a Council to allow themselves sensible compensation to serve. Anything beyond sensible compensation is feeding at the trough and must not be tolerated. This Council has the power by law to vote themselves any compensation unreasonable or not if a majority (3) of themselves desire. Way to much power to again give to this crowd.
This is a Council without our control except to vote them out. Folks seeking reelection should have been making decisions throughout their time in office to please the folks they were elected to serve and not themselves. Has this Council pleased you by proposing to build a low priority 1.5 million dollar Aquatic Center that has little local support and no substantial onsite parking and a 2+ million dollar double size boardwalk less than 100 yards from our high prone hurricane ocean area? This one is pure nonsense.
Atlantic City N.J. can attest as to damage to boardwalks on the ocean. Carolina Beach life long residents can attest as to damage in Hurricanes all over our Town, especially our whole oceanfront and boardwalk. Both these aforementioned projects are mostly wanted by this Council as substantiated by Council support and designation of funds but have very little support from us. So why are they continuing on these very expensive paths? We did not propose building either one of these projects elected officials did. We did not propose Health and Dental Insurance and $3,000 car allowance for elected officials, elected officials did.
This Council has their priorities backwards instead of serving us what is needed by us they are using our budget to serve themselves free Health and Dental Insurance that cost taxpayers $493.00 per month per member participating and equally absurd car allowances of $250.00 per month in our Town that is only 3 miles long and 1 1/2 miles wide. Ask your self how does one spend this amount of money per month riding in a car and get anything else done concerning our Town?
Surely they should be entitled to a car allowance of a per mile driven on Town business, but a flat rate of $3,000 per year is pure nonsense and must be stopped along with all of their Health and Dental Insurance that no tax payer at C.B. beyond themselves believes is wanted or deserved.
How much more arrogant can one bunch be. Elective offices have always meant to be a serving office not a self serving office and must be returned and kept to such by votes from us.
Now to address your Mayors weasel wording in his July 10  "Views of the Mayor" titled "Review the facts when making decisions". I assume this is referring to your upcoming decision at the ballot box in November and my last week letter to the editor. I suggest you do just that, research everything this mayor said in his Views of the Mayor articles designed/written published to help his reelection.
Also please research the facts and have him explain what he meant when he used the nonsense of, "Again my objective and that of Town Council is to use a fiscally responsible business approach when considering how we spend your hard earned tax dollars."
Well now Mr. Mayor you and this Council are receiving/spending part of our hard earned tax dollars monthly on the nonsense of voting yourselves health and dental insurance @ $493.00 dollars per month per member and $250.00 per month per member car allowance. The word fiscally responsibility evokes penny-pinching and balancing the budget which by state law has to be balanced anyway. So nothing but nonsense and weazel wording there. I have not seen any sign of pinching during your reign except in our pocketbooks and the amounts I stated sure ain't pennies in Councils compensation. Enough said, you don't get it.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC