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The InvisibleTrash: Pickers Strike Again!

I see in the recent Island Gazette article, it’s noted that council members helped clean Freeman Park, and that the fire department hosed down the park’s entrance to keep vehicles from getting stuck, and that the life-guards monitored the trash barrels. That’s great and it takes a concerted team effort, so all help is welcome and appreciated, but what failed to get mentioned was that a small crew of town maintenance workers and temporary helpers labored twelve straight days (no holiday, no weekend), up to 15 hours a day, beginning at 5 am, to remove tons of trash off of the beach strand and Freeman Park, clean the boardwalk, pick up trash along the dunes, roadsides and parking lots, and clean the public bathrooms and showers. As their superintendent, I would like to personally commend and thank the individuals in the Environmental Department for their dedication and hard work in handling another July Fourth.
Mark S. Hewitt
Environmental Superintendent, Public Works, Town of Carolina Beach