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Golf Cart Abuse

Dear Editor,
As an owner of a street legal golf cart going on six years, I’m appalled as the increasing number of people who now own golf carts feel they are above the law. They don’t belong parked at the Carolina Beach gazebo taking up the standing room area by the roadway.
You wouldn’t park your car there, so why do you think your golf cart is exempt?  
It is a motor vehicle that is governed by motor vehicle laws. Tourists are trying to stand there to watch the bands, but are forced to stand across the roadway because of all the golf carts blocking both entrances to the gazebo.
I park my golf cart in the proper parking lots and hoof my butt and chair to the gazebo to see the show. It’s time the police start clearing them from the gazebo area and make them park in the proper parking lots and let the public have their standing area back.  
Rich Walsh
Carolina Beach