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Council Insurance, Auto Allowance, Pool Project...

Our filing period for our November 5th election ended at noon on July 19 and we have a fair amount of candidates for office. Hopefully we will see our voters cast their ballots in this election. Our present Council sees a need to continue to serve themselves $493.39 per month per person Health and Dental Insurance and a ridiculous car allowance of $3,000 each per year. This allowance is more than enough money for each of them to drive from C.B. and back to Raleigh weekly if need be on Town business. Our Town is only 3 miles long and 1 1/2 miles wide and is the bulk of their driving. Council does not see a need to give any other part time employee like themselves insurance. Why is this? If Council is deserving our other part time employees are/should be also. We do not have a choice as too fixing Councils compensation as by law they can vote themselves anything unreasonable or not that a majority are in agreement. I have now given Council 3 presentations concerning this nonsense and will continue until this crowd is gone. They still will not remove this insurance from our budget.
They were elected to please our citizen. Have they pleased you with voting themselves Health and Dental Insurance, an absurd car allowance and proposing to build you an unneeded pool and double size boardwalk? I think not.
Also a new Council would do well to do away with this present Councils nonsense of a 1 million+ Idiotic, Exotic Aquatic Center that has little local support on property that is too small to accommodate it. A complete remake of our boardwalk at 2 million+ dollars along with the Aquatic Center both are an unnecessary expense at this time. When and if a Hurricanes Ocean, Wind and Waves tears our boardwalk down then we can think about its future size. This Town has a bundle of issues that need to be addressed long before a pool and our boardwalk takes Councils high priority. Our present Council must have visions of grandeur and sugarplums dancing around in their heads especially about their pool and boardwalk proposal. If this pool deal were a good idea we would be seeing private enterprise folks build these things and not tax dollars. As for the nonsense that has gone on with this Council in their selection of a new Town Manager this is more of the same crap you can expect if you re-elect. I believe we as a Town are smarter than that. Have a good evening.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC