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Bury Power, Telephone and Cable Lines To Improve Cape Fear Blvd.

Dear Editor,
I am very pleased to hear that the Town of Carolina Beach is looking into cleaning up Cape Fear Blvd. I do have have a suggestion that did not appear in your article. The first eyesore that stands out in your self published photo is all of the telephone poles, lines, and stop lights hanging over the street on electrical lines. If you want to clean up the esthetics of Cape Fear, I would start with that. It will open up the street and not feel so closed in with the canopy of wires and poles that already exist. The elimination of the telephone and electrical poles would also create more room for sidewalks and parking.  Many cities have done this and it makes a huge difference. Virginia Beach did it 20 years ago and it made a instant change to the community. With todays technology, many of the existing lines and wires could be condensed for easier installation underground. Take another look at the picture published on Aug. 14th and envision Cape fear Blvd without all the clutter. This is just a thought for the betterment and beautification of Carolina Beach.
Thank you for your time,
Jay Healy,
Carolina Beach, NC