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Mixed Message...

Dear Editor:
Earlier this week, I posted a question on the Carolina Beach Government Facebook page regarding the proposed Fish & Wildlife (USFWS) Critical Habitat (turtle) Designation.  Since I didn't get a clear answer, I decided to pose the same question to each member of our sitting council via email.....
Since the USFWS proposal could very well have an adverse impact on our local economy, what's our council's position on the designation (“could” being the operative word)?  I am very concerned that our council  has sent a mixed message on Carolina Beach’s behalf; with two council members representing themselves as elected officials of Carolina Beach at the USFWS  Public Hearing a few weeks ago - one speaking against the designation, and one speaking in favor.  I think the public needs to know Council’s collective position on this.  Will they answer my question?
Now, I’ll be the first person to defend free speech, HOWEVER, when you represent yourself as an elected official of Carolina Beach, your personal opinion no longer matters... you are representing the 5800+/-residents of Carolina Beach.  And to be factual, only two sitting members of our current council can say they were "elected" to their positions...because the Mayor and two council members were actually appointed.
I have been accused of making this political because it’s an election year. NOT TRUE. It's simply about questioning those that are supposed to be looking after the best interest of our town as a whole.  As citizens, it is our duty and responsibility to hold our government accountable for their actions - they work for US.
I am urging everyone to start asking questions of our elected leaders and candidates. Perhaps the first question you should ask of our current council is why, in the last two months before the election, is this council trying to force-feed us the boardwalk improvements, community pool, regatta, hiring of a town manager, Cape Fear Streetscape improvements and the proposed water & sewer project? Seem a little aggressive?  These are all important considerations that deserve proper deliberation and planning, not to be rushed due to an election year. Also, if the community pool is a "quality of life" issue (as members of council have stated), why too aren't our sidewalks and streets?  Why aren’t they working just as hard on our less politically sensational improvements?
Deb LeCompte,
Carolina Beach, NC