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Blatant Inconsistency In Our Mayor's Answer...

Dear Editor:
First, thank you for the two very insightful articles last week.  Second, a huge thanks for putting together campaign site!  This information will be helpful during this election season.
 When reading the article in last week Gazette about the purchase of the pier property, I couldn’t help but notice a blatant inconsistency in our Mayor’s answer to whether he originally supported the pier property purchase.  According to the article, Mayor Lewis is now saying the property was over-priced and he would not have supported it had he known at the time that there was no memorandum of understanding (MOU) ensuring the pier would be built. Unfortunately, that statement is in direct conflict with his statements in 2009 where he said the property was a great price, and he supported buying the property “whether the pier was built or not”. So, he apparently wasn’t worried about the price when he was running for his council seat, but now he is?  And he clearly was not worried about an MOU if he said he supported buying the property regardless of the pier being built, yet he still tried to spin his way out of this. Is this what Mayors do?  Is this what he calls Integrity?
This month’s regularly schedule council meeting was also canceled and rescheduled because the Mayor couldn’t be there. Really? I’ve never seen this done before by any previous council. The regular council meetings are to tend to town business and hear citizens’ issues at a regular time and place each month.
These meetings are not scheduled to accommodate the schedules of the council members – they are scheduled to accommodate the citizens and our town business.  In a recent Facebook post, our Mayor said he would disregard any citizens that were supporting his opponent.  He also told me personally in an answer to an email that he knew whose camp I was in and I could, “HAVE IT”!  His own words!  Again, really? Is he that pompous? Does he not realize he is the Mayor and he was “appointed” by 2 fellow members of council not only to serve us all, but to answer to us all? 
My disappointment runs so deep with this current council, it is often difficult to put it into words.  And the most disappointing fact of all is that I worked hard to help get 2 of the 3 currently “elected” council members elected. 
Debra LeCompte
Taxpayer, Homeowner, Registered Voter