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Prudent Decisions

Dear Editor:
Regardless of comments to the contrary, this town council has done an outstanding job supporting the residents of Carolina Beach. Mayor Lewis and the current council has made prudent decisions that have eased our tax burden. For the first time in 10 years, my property tax is the lowest it has ever been. That is not due to chance, under Mayor Lewis's direction: 1-the Pier Project's burden on the town has been mitigated by renegotiating the
loan, hiring a mgmt company to run the existing hotels and placed the property up for sale (waiting on a bid that helps us recover the initial investment.) 2-Launched an infrastructure project that in time will replace our water and sewer lines which is badly needed. 3-Moved personnel and items out of the federal area in a cost effective way.
The list goes on. As I citizen I feel this council has my best interest in mind and actually tries to find ways to save tax dollars. We are finally on the road to a council focused on saving money and doing what is in the best interest of the residents.
Mark Goddard
Carolina Beach, NC