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Thank You For Keeping Police Officer In Our School

Dear Carolina Beach Town Council,
On behalf of Carolina Beach Elementary School, Carolina Beach Elementary PTO and all of our students, parents and teachers, we would like to thank you for your
support in keeping a police officer in our school full time. We are very fortunate to live in a community that values its greatest asset, the children who will become our leaders.
Our current SRO is Officer Henderson, who is an asset to our school and to the Carolina Beach Police Department. Officer Henderson has a great camaraderie with the
students and has become a part of our school family. He has even participated in school events beyond his job. Only good can come from children learning to trust and respect the police at a young age.
We would like to think those senseless acts of school violence would not happen on our little island, but in today's society no school is 100 percent immune from those wishing to cause harm. We hope he never has to call upon his training, but having Officer Henderson in the school gives a greater sense of security on a daily basis.
Thanks again for doing what is right for our children.
Wendy Vincent,
President, Carolina Beach Elementary School PTO Board.