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In support of the pool

Dear Editor,
While I am not on the committee working to bring a pool to our community, I did attend the Sep. 5 community meeting and came away with a strong positive reaction to this proposal.
I understand that the town council had some expensive bad decisions over the past few years: the purchase of land for the aquarium and the road diet, to name two. But they have also accomplished some strong positives: the Thursday night boardwalk fireworks and music really brought an economic boom, and the upgrading of Freeman park with police patrols, life guards, port-a-johns, trash removal and regulations have led to real growth for the entire area economy. In spite of the economic downturn of the last decade, Pleasure Island has experienced a real resurgence! Let’s throw our support behind the pool proposal!
Building a pool at the Recreation Center could contribute to continued growth in the popularity of Carolina Beach as a vacation destination as well as greatly benefiting residents. The group that has been working to develop this project has shown good leadership, fiscal responsibility and intelligence. By adjusting the scope of the project they have come up with a cost-effective proposal that will give us a pool that can be used year-round. There are multiple revenue streams that could support this project, including daily, weekly and annual passes as well as fees for special activities.
This pool can provide for the needs of locals (both island and off-island) and visitors to our town. For locals there can be comprehensive swimming instruction programs for adults and children. There can be shallow- and deep-water aerobics for seniors and party programs for children, and fresh water and ocean swimming safety instruction. Competitive swimming participation in partnership with local schools is another possibility. These are only a few of the ways locals could benefit. And remember, it’s a year-round pool so the benefits last all year. Many property owners don’t have pools, and they could really enjoy this.
As for visitors to our island, weekly family passes could provide pool access to renters (there are many rental properties that do not have pools). Renters could have swim lessons for their families at a reasonable cost.
Daily passes could provide an alternative on cool days in the off season. Property owners could get annual passes that could be used by their renters. Access to a well operated swimming facility with year-round availability might have a positive impact on off-season rentals. These are just a few ideas of how property owners and visitors could both benefit.
Additionally, the presence of the pool might boost rec-center interest and membership, too.
I am a tax-paying property owner in Carolina Beach, and I have access to a pool through our HOA. I would love to join a pool such as the one being proposed. I am confident it can be operated in a self-supporting way, but even if the tax payers have to help at first, it would be well worth the cost.
Cmon Carolina Beach! Last one in the pool is a rotten egg!
Mary (Jo) Dogan