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Dear Editor,
Do politicians lie?  Some of them. Which ones?  You have to vote to find out. Wrong! That’s Pelosi's line. We have to do a little research, go to Island Gazette sessions, Town Meetings, candidate events, and forums on the Island and in Wilmington. Are we about to elect crooks or liars? Let’s hope not because most of our local choices are honest people. Are their priorities our priorities?    
Our U.S. Constitution has checks and balances in it that were influenced by a guy whose name, phonetically, was Mon-tes-Q. One of his key points written is his “The Spirit of Laws”, was “It is necessary from the very nature of things that power should be a check to power”. Think independently  but work as a team to find resolutions to issues if majority residential support is obvious.  Political activity, in its many forms, depends on a variety of factors including geography, social customs and past tradition/law.
In Washington’s farewell address he stressed we must remain unified; that partisan politics were bad and should be avoided; change should be made peacefully; avoid national (or local) debt; treat all equally; be wary of foreign (off Island) political intrusions and avoid entangling foreign alliances; and keep America (Carolina & Kure) focused on its own growth. Some things never change even over 237 years unless we listen to those who would trash the Constitution.
Most business owners shy away from publicly going on record about politics. They are concerned about customer backlash. Yet business people are often the most informed about past, present and future political effects of decisions, how they effect jobs, the local economy, customer diversity, tax implications of political actions and effects upon buying and selling consumer goods and services.
Some of us do express our opinions and let the civic concerns fall where they may. All people should be concerned about tax increases whether its flood insurance, beach maintenance, swimming pool expenses, water meters, infrastructure needs, boardwalk improvements, having a clean lake or having clean drinking fountains. An eloquent letter recently about the advantages of having a new community pool was excellent….except the part that left open the possibility we may have a first year/one year tax burden.  That’s what they said about the Postal Service and Amtrak. It’s been more than a year by far. 
Are there other things we need more than present plans? Depends upon your personal needs/wants. Some prefer promoting men’s and ladies stores selling new clothing, a movie theater, a bowling alley in the old Food Lion, a jewelry store that sells more than costume jewelry and fixes watches, or an expanded library with more books and computers.  It’s up to us to influence the public platforms.  See the first paragraph.
Beware of the politician who acts like a dog; always happy to see you, never disagrees, and gives you a feeling of unconditional love. Dogs are sweet derriere kissers, politicians should not be.  Beware of anyone, except non-profits with high approvals, who want to use public taxpayer property for personal financial gain. That means, excluding mobile vehicles, the boardwalk area, and the lake area unless they pay amounts equal to the upkeep paid to keep them in top condition. Do the amusements and boats pay the full costs?
Conflicts of interest by politicians or their vested interest business associates for personal gain and self promotion is a corruption of the honest people who build, lease and own taxable land or property that they rely upon for income without cheating taxpayers by using public open spaces.
Lastly, put less value on what candidates say and more on what they've done, not just recently because they rely upon our short memories. It’s been said that politics is the second oldest profession. Every November it bears a close similarity to being the first. Many politicians act like they are the only sighted people in a town where everyone is blind. Many politicians also claim to present and promote programs that will pay the bills when they themselves are or create the bills.  That doesn't mean their health benefits in Carolina Beach. They way they have to work, they deserve them. In the upcoming elections, trust but verify is good advice. Do background checks. If they haven't done anything politically, what have they done civically? Can they think independently regardless of the Mayor’s leanings AND work as a Council team?  Good luck, good voting! If we choose not to research and vote, we have no right to complain after the election is over. 
Joen Coen, Kure Beach resident,
Carolina Beach business/property owner.