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You're Hitting A Nerve

Mr. Killough,
As an Island resident, I’ve always enjoyed reading our local newspaper, even more than the bigger and prevailing paper that sits in a box next to the Gazette at most locations.
The Gazette is a good way to keep up with current events, activities and local politics among other things that take place on our island. You and your journalists do a great job of getting to the “heart of the matter” with the issues and getting truthful quotes form our area leaders.
It seems that every time you query our Mayor or any of the other councilmembers, you are met with somewhat volatile responses. You don’t have a problem with printing those responses and as a result, we are all able to learn more and more about our leaders intent, focus and where they stand with local issues that involve ordinary residents here.
I just read about the park fountain photograph. That photo made at least 3 things apparent to me.
First of course, is the severity of extended and total neglect by maintenance workers, they simply aren’t doing their job. The second is, the water quality. I’ve rarely seen toilets get in such condition with neglect, much less a public water fountain that people are supposed to be able to drink from. That sort of neglect and filth would’ve easily shut down any restaurant, very quickly. Third was the defensive and somewhat arrogant response from Shuttleworth. In particular he quotes, “…I guess there aren't any other issues worth reporting on." Thanks Shuttleworth for showing us who you are and for attempting to diminish the obvious fact of maintenance neglect. The staff does work for you correct? This is not the first time this condition has been discovered, correct? Ever considered having them use a “checklist” to prevent reoccurrence?
Mayor Lewis doesn’t seem to like your interviews or reporting either. In another issue of the Gazette, it seems that I remember him quoting something to the effect of, “I won’t be answering questions from anyone that doesn’t support me as the new mayor.” Really now? With the elections coming up, it is vitally important that we fully understand our candidates. Reading these responses quoted to you by our leaders tends to give us a first-hand look at who we’re voting for. We are all tired of hearing campaign promises, the dreams of grandeur and seeing the baby kissers with the big handshake all to find out later it was only a façade. Our island deserves better.
T. Christopher Ware