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NCAA Swimming Pool or Boardwalk Reinvestment and Water-Sewer Porject?

Dear Editor,
Oh, if we could just do everything at once!!! But priorities are necessary and responsible.  The proposal to construct a 25 yd/8 lane NCAA compliant swimming pool is a huge undertaking for a small community.  Even though good money has already been spent and a little more money appropriated, that is still an investment for the FUTURE.  
Those plans will still work someday.  So, not to fret about that...
Here is a suggestion:   UNCW is in New Hanover County as is Carolina Beach.  We probably already pay for some of these facilities with our taxes.  Let's share the pool and make it available for competitions.  We could build a much smaller pool with fewer accoutrements and it could serve seniors' aerobics, swimming lessons and a dive program, etc. someday.
As a taxpayer and soon to be resident of Carolina Beach, I would like to respectively remind Council that Carolina Beach is staring at a major water and sewer project and, more important than a pool, the BOARDWALK REINVESTMENT.  
Those projects are the priorities.  The Boardwalk is essential to future tourism.  
Let's focus on the natural elements of a beautiful town by the sea and reinvest in the infrastructure that continues to bring tourists and new residents to our town.
Ms. Keith C. Richardson,
Camden, South Carolina