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Beach or Pool?

Dear Mayors,
I received a letter dated 12-02-13 in reference to funding for Hurricane and Storm Damage Reductions Projects from Mayor Lewis.  Deep cuts to this funding would force states and localities to choose between using more of their own funds.  
If it were scaled back substantially, states and localities would need to bear a larger share of the costs of disaster response and recovery, or attempt to make do with less during difficult times. With that said local officials must prepare for the fiscal Armageddon.
Keep in mind beach erosion is a natural process, and replenishment projects serve only to temporarily delay the inevitable natural shifting of beaches. This makes these projects a significant long-term liability for taxpayers.  I feel taxpayer money should be spent in this area.  
Therefore, families come to Carolina Beach for the Beach NOT a POOL.
So why are beaches so popular?  Is going to the beach a relief from the chaotic city life that we live or perhaps it is the way the soft sand feels against your bare feet as you walk along the waves. To quote a motto “Life is better at the Beach”.  They say that salt water cures all, NOT POOL water. Certainly, the Great Recession has drained city budgets across the country; it also has drained public pools for good.  When we are in this kind of economy and we’re trying to prioritize our dollars, why would we spend money on a swimming pool and not the beautiful beaches that Carolina Beach has to offer?
Good financial management is vital to the success of all organizations.  Financial skills are essential for all strategic decisions.  Please let us keep your beaches by concentrating monies and resources on the BEACH and NOT a POOL.  Remember the town is named Carolina BEACH not Carolina POOL.
William Princiotta,
Carolina Beach, NC