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Stop Funding Council Benefits

Mayor, Council,
As you may or may not know if you pay taxes at Carolina Beach you are still being forced to pay 100% of the cost of premiums for Councils Health and Dental Insurance at almost $500.00 per month in our present 2013/2014 budget just as you were in our past administration.
Mind you 4 of 5 members of this Council own and operate a business in Carolina Beach and could well afford to pay these premiums themselves but why should they when they can force us to accept their cost? The time for forcing us is got to stop and this Council accept their own insurance responsibilities by self-paying for their insurance and stop dumping this expense on taxpayers. You are also being forced to pay 25% of the premiums of Council members dependents that they chose to put on this insurance policy that amounts to better than $7,000 per year. Who’s next to receive this nonsense their aunts, uncles and ex-wives? When does this stop? It can stop with our new budget starting July lst if Council will as a majority vote to not fund our budget with this nonsense and accept their own insurance responsibilities.
You and I are not paying voluntary but only because this Council would rather we pay than them self-pay for them and their dependents. Some of us were led to believe that this expensive nonsense being forced on us would change if this new majority was elected.
This new majority has now proven us wrong. You are also being forced to pay an undocumented no strings attached car allowance of $250.00 per month for all members of this Council when if fair play and if Council acted as public servants you should be paying no more than a per mile driven on Town business.
Does anyone in their right mind believe that Council can Justify $250.00 per month per member car allowance in our Town that is only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. Public Service at Carolina Beach apparently became a thing of the past when our legislature voted years ago to give elected officials the authority to set their own compensation reasonable or not. Now taxpayers are being forced to serve elected officials high dollar benefits.
Never in their wildest dreams could the legislature that created this mess envision what a mess and expense over the years elected officials could create for taxpayers with this hold on them.
Before our 2014-2015 budget process is finalized this council may vote yet another year to keep these two perks with the cost being forced on us. It is time for this council to take a true role of Public Service with a minimum to no perks instead of forcing the Public to Serve them benefits like they are the elite. No one on this council could find another part time job that would pay them $500.00 per month + 25% of their dependents insurance premiums.
This Council and any other elected official should be ashamed of themselves to even think about forcing through our budget process folks with limited incomes to take the responsibilities of paying the high dollar premiums for their and their dependents insurance.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC