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Seismic Airgun Blasting

Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to “Majority of Kure Beach Stormwater Committee Resigns.” I’m studying environmental policy and my father is from Highpoint NC, so I have spent a lot of time on the Carolina coast and am very passionate about protecting the state’s beaches.
When Mayor Lambeth came out in support of the American Petroleum Institute’s push to approve seismic airgun blasting, he became a catalyst for the movement against seismic airguns.  Since January, fifteen towns along the East Coast have passed resolutions opposing or expressing concern with proposed seismic blasting.
Commercial and recreational fishing supports more than 27,000 jobs in North Carolina, and ocean-based tourism and recreation brings in over $1 billion in GDP to the state. All of these jobs and revenue are put at risk by seismic airgun use and the offshore drilling that would follow. If Mayor Lambeth doesn’t believe me, he should Google “BP Oil Spill” or call a business owner on the Gulf Coast.
It is unfortunate that the members of the Stormwater Committee in Kure Beach felt that they needed to resign; but I hope they will keep up their work educating people about seismic airgun blasting.
As the Mayor said, “they should focus on Kure Beach issues.”
If seismic airguns are permitted off the East Coast and the president green lights offshore drilling in the Atlantic, Mayor Lambeth will realize that this most certainly IS a Kure Beach issue.
Connor Whitley,
Kure Beach, NC