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Boardwalkfront or Beachfront?

Is big business the reason why the sand dunes are being manipulated in order to allow for the construction of the boardwalk in front of the Cabana Private Residences and Northern waterfront beach housing? The rational for building the boardwalk, according to the Town of Carolina Beach, is to provide a "unique opportunity" for the public to access and view the "dune ecosystem." The only "unique opportunity" provided would be a chance to further traumatize the ecosystem by building a 16 foot wide pier on the lower ridge of the dunes and right in the front yards of homeowners. Will the homeowners now call their beachfront property or boardwalkfront property? The incongruence of building a boardwalk on the dunes in order to provide a "unique opportunity" contradicts every aspect of preserving an oceanic ecosystem. How can one preserve the integrity of an eoosystem by allowing the Town of Carolina Beach to build on top of the dunes, thus, introducing the area to trash, cigarette butts, and beer cans? It can and will happen. Who will be responsible for cleaning up the trash? The law states an individual will be fined if caught walking on the dunes themselves. The inequality and social injustice of the boardwalk extension oversteps the bounds of what is considered ecosystem friendly and is not representative of citizens of Carolina Beach homeowners.
On May 17, 2014 this Carolina Beach homeowner decided to collect a data sample at the Cabana Private residences for approximately one week by means of a petition called, "The Anti-Boardwalk Petition". The petition included the following statement, "Please practice your homeowner rights by signing the petition to keep our residences free from, noise, trash, night lights, loss of privacy, blocking our ocean view, and devaluing our property by no longer being considered ocean front." According to the results of the petition, for an average week during the summer, 40 renters and horneowners objected to the building of the Boardwalk. Current polls of votes collected by Cabana Homeowners Association reports a majority against it and only 5 for it.
The long-term results of Carolina Beach building an extension of the boardwalk will leave a negative carbon footprint impacting the next generation. The amount of destruction created to build the extension of the boardwalk will create more damage to the dunes; and, marks the precursor of further systemic damage to our beloved Carolina Beach Coastline (i.e. trash). Do we not have enough natural disasters? If the Town of Carolina Beach is allowed to build the boardwalk extension, how much father will they go?
Are we starting to emulate that of northern beaches by charging a fee to get on the beach? People come from up north to visit Carolina Beach because it is different from other beaches. Can we retain the nostalgic feeling we have had for all these years? The aesthetics of the coastline is what makes Pleasure Island - Pleasure Island. We have freedoms so many of the beaches don't have. This concerned homeowner will continue to advocate for the rights of the property owners, the public, and marine life.
This is not just about my property being affected, this is about preserving our coastline and marine life.
What can you do? We the people can speak our disdain against the proposed boardwalk by writing the Town of Carolina Beach, as well as, letters, news papers, television, emails, and petitions. And we wonder why we are having sand kicked in front of our faces.
Respectfully submitted,
Charlotte Karnopp,
Cabana Homeowner