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Hook, Line and Sinker: Local Fishing Report and Photos for December 4th, 2013

Capt Mike Harrison
Lucy’s Choice Bay Charters

Lucy and I moved here permanently (from Fayetteville) in 2005, and have since come to know some of the finest people we’ve ever been privileged to meet.  One such person came to my mind today.  Mac McSwain was my first salt water fishing mentor and taught me things I’ll never forget. 
He came here from Charlotte, a retired Fire Chief who knew how to do just about anything and was always happy to help others learn whatever they would from him. He made life-guard stands, fixed roofs and fences and even built a few houses in the area. Mac has been gone several years now, a victim of the c-word.  Not long after we met he got me involved with the Got-em-on Live Bait Club, helping him setting up tents, making repairs, hauling coolers, food and supplies to each of the club events.  I’m sure most people had no idea how he foresaw and planned each little detail that required any effort. And he hated wasting effort!  He chewed me out many-a-time for making two trips when I could have done it with one.  ‘Also insisted that knots be tied precisely his way, as he knew they would then be secure. Among his many volunteer duties was that of Weighmaster for the fishing club. Post-Mac weighmasters are all only Assistant weighmasters, as, well, Mac was the man.  I think of him about every time I see a boat being towed down the road.  Mac used to always say, “Sure are a lot of boats around here… ‘Must be a big lake nearby!”  God bless him.  He is still missed.
I didn’t get to do any fishing this week, but I sure did see a lot of speckled trout!  If you think you might know how to catch a Speck,  you need to get on out there and fish!  They’re here!  ‘Surf, Waterway and River. ( The piers are now closed for the winter.)   Even if you don’t know how to catch trout, just “fish when you can”.
Wishing you the best,
Capt. Mike Harrison

Ken & Amanda Coffer, Bill Pino, and Dennis Barbour finished First in the Presidential Challenge of Guatemala, and also brought home 1st Place in the PCCA Billfish Tournament Series.  Congratuations!

(Pictured Above): This unidentified gentleman and his fishing buddy have been hauling in some big Specks!  They say it’s easy as pie!

Local Tide Tables