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Hook, Line and Sinker: Local Fishing Report for January 29th, 2014

Capt Mike Harrison
Lucy’s Choice Bay Charters

I really felt bad for all the guys and gals that worked on the Step-Up BBQ Cook-Off last Saturday.  Weather was absolutely brutal!  Still, lots of folks turned out, the music was good, and the BBQ was the best you’ll find anywhere!  ‘Hats off to those that participated!  I’m always happy to see Got-em-on Live Bait Club involved in community support, as they so often are.  This year there were at least three smokin’ cookers with some relationship to Got-em-on, (maybe more).  Rick Knott brought a team and used the club cooker to prepare some mighty fine pork!  I saw Mike Coleman and some other club members at the Intracoastal Realty cooker.  Then there was Jim and Cheri Dial representing… ah…  Jim and Cheri Dial!  The pork couldn’t have been any better!  I’d love to tell you who’s I thought was the best, but I know better than that!  As usual Got-em-on’s beer tent manager, Archie Tsangrides, was on the job.  Sincere thanks to everyone there, including Tom Russell, who founded this and many other charitable events in support of Step Up for Soldiers.
As you know, Lucy and I love Flounder fishing, and I met a guy this week that let slip one of his favorite places to drift for Flounder.  Now we don’t do a lot of “drift fishing” but I know it can be very productive and I can’t wait to try that “special location”.  You know I’d love to share the spot with you, but clearly I need to try it out first!  It wouldn’t be right for me to send you out on a wild goose chase, would it?

 Wishing you the best,
Capt. Mike Harrison
Lucy’s Choice Bay Charters

Charlie Thomas, Jerry Leeman, & Rick Knott,  representing Got-em-on Live Bait Club. Good work!

Jerry Leeman and Gary Doetsch at the Got-em-on Cooker

Local Tide Tables