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Hook, Line and Sinker: Local Fishing Report and Photos for March 5th, 2014

Capt Mike Harrison
Lucy’s Choice Bay Charters

This story is a “re-run” from Hook Like & Sinker  last September.  I’m printing it again because it’s been a very wintery winter, and this memory makes me feel good. I hope it will do the same for you.
“I took some time one day this week to go fishing with my oldest, best friend, Bill Simmons.  He’s not really all that old;  Just that I’ve known him since we were both curtain climbin’ rug-rats.  Our goal was to run down the river and fish for Sea Mullet.   We fished around the mouth of the river, moving here and there, deep holes, oyster beds,  rocky areas, sandy bottoms, shelly bottoms… looking for the Sea Mullet ( aka Whiting,  Virginia Mullet )  We didn’t catch the first one!  That’s not to say we didn’t have any fun though.  We had a great time!  We caught a couple of nice Sheepshead,  lots of croakers, pigfish, pinfish, one puffer and a small flounder.  Plenty of action to keep us busy and happy we were there. As the old ad used to say, “try it, you’ll like it!”   A can of vienna sausage, pack of Nabs, a Sun-Drop;  double hook bottoms rigs and fresh shrimp for bait;  a sunny afternoon with a good friend.  Life is good! We kept some of the bigger fish in the live well until we started home.  Then we decided neither of us really felt like cleaning fish so we let them go.  I bet they’re still there, waiting for you!”
Wishing you the best,
Capt. Mike Harrison
Lucy’s Choice Bay Charters

Got-em-on’s Disabled Fishing Tournament will be May 16 at Kure Beach Pier.

Looks like Jeff Wolfe is still keeping inventory on the Reds.

Local Tide Tables