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Ashley High School: Eagles Boy’s & Girl’s Cross Country Teams have good showing in 1st Week

Boy’s finish 1st in 10-School Meet at High McRae Park followed, then take 7th at the Jungle Run Invitational ranking them 13th in the State

The Start of the 1st Mid-Eastern Conference Meet of the Season held at Hugh McRae park this past Thursday.

The Screaming Eagles Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country Teams kicked off their season this past Thursday and Saturday with their 1st meets of the season.
Thursday was the Eagles 1st Official Regular Season Meet of the year that featured 10 teams from Wilmington, the Mid-Eastern Conference and Topsial High School. The teams that participated were: Ashley, Hoggard, Laney, New Hanover, New Bern, Greenville Rose, Topsail, Coastal Christian, Cape Fear Academy, and Wilmington Christian. Some teams decided to run the race as a workout and rest some of their runner’s for the big Invitational at South View High School on Saturday, while others sent there runner’s out despite the Invitational. Ashley High School’s Senior Bryan Veals led much of the 2nd half of the race and was able to win a race to the finish to take 1st Place with a time of 17:56. He was closely pursued  by Hoggard’s Ben Schmidt 17:58, Ashley’s Stephen Wilson in 3rd 18:00, New Bern’s Marcellous White was 4th 18:01, Hoggard’s Andrew Irrera 5th 18:04, then 2 more Eagles Brien Lancaster 18:19.34 and teammate Will Mayo 18:19.81, 8th Place was Hoggards’ Nathan Sudduth 18:20, 9th Place Topsails’ Brady Woods 18:20.34 and Hoggard’s Matt Wilson rounded out the top 10 in 18:32. The teams scores were: 1st Place Ashley High School 30, 2nd Place Hoggard High School 36, 3rd Place New Bern High School 75, 4th Place Topsail 101, 5th place Greenville Rose 160, 6th Place Laney High School 184, 7th Place Cape Fear Academy 190, 8th Place Wilmington Christian 335, and 9th & 10th Place was New Hanover and Coastal Christian with No Score. The rest of the Eagles times and places in the Varsity Race were: 13th Place Daniel Lancaster PR 18:37, 16th Place Joe Harty 18:57, 18th Place David Fletchner 18:59, 21st Brandon Nix 19:11, and 48th Gray Wilson 20:26, 52nd Rylee Smith 20:56. In the Junior Varsity Race the Eagles also placed really good, but they don’t keep score in this race, only time and place. The fastest Eagle in this race was Eagles Senior Jordan Powell who ran a impressive 20:39 in his 1st ever 5K. He was followed by: Chris Avery in 6th Place PR 20:57, Adam Ortega also in his 1st ever race took 14th with a time of 21:22, Nathan Mercer was 15th at 21:23, Dylan Merten was 23rd 21:48, Vaughn Rizzo was 25th 21:52. The rest of the Eagles times were:Nick Golonka 22:45, Austin Bailey 23:13, Ben Jackson 23:21, Marshall Skelton 23:24 PR, Trent Hollandsworth 23:30 PR, Allen Roderick 23:30 PR, Dylan Secero 24:01 PR, Loch McDonald 24:29, and David Elrod 25:05.
Jungle Run – The Boy’s Championship Race saw the Eagles Varsity team finish a impressive 7th out of 23 of the top teams in North Carolina and the Eagles were under 30 points away from catching two more spots.  The Eagles were the fastest team from the Mid-Eastern Conference and 3rd from the East Region. Their performance was also good enough to rank them 13th in the NCHSAA 4A. The Varsity Team’s times and Places were: 26th Brien Lancaster 17:00 PR, 30th Stephen Wilson 17:04 PR, 50th Will Mayo 17:34 PR,  60th Bryan Veals 17:43 PR, 64th Freshmen Cody Benton 17:49 PR (3rd Fastest Freshmen time in NC), 72 Joesph Harty 17:58 PR, and 92nd David Fletchner 18:16 PR. The Junior Vasity team was also in action in a very competitive Invitational Race and the Eagles were able to finish a impressive 6th Place out of 22 of the toughest schools in North Carolina. The 7 runner’s in this race for Ashley was 13th Rylee Smith 18:05 (Medal Winner), 19th Brandon Nix 18:22.3 PR (Medal Winner), 20th Daniel Lancaster 18:22.5 PR (Medal Winner), 52nd Jordan Powell PR 19.19, 83rd Gray Wilson 19:51, 93rd Nathan Mercer 20:03, 129th Chris Avery 22:00.
In the Ladies race many of the teams were also resting up for the big Jungle Run, but that didn’t stop New Hanover’s Rachel Walker from winning with an impressive time of 21:41. The rest of the top 10 were: 2nd Erin Naziri from Greenville Rose 22:16, 3rd Erica Korleski Hoggard 22:17, 4th Charise Roberts Hoggard 23:01, 5th Rachel Quindlen Topsail 23:15, 6th Megan Pawlowski Hoggard 23:24, 7th Lindsey Williams Ashley 23:33 PR, 8th Julia Boudreau Ashley 23:41, 9th Rachel Lensch Cape Fear 23:46, and Mary Ormsby Hoggard 23:49. The top 4 teams were: 1st Hoggard, 2nd Topsail, 3rd Laney and 4th Ashley.  The rest of the Ladies in the varsity race times and places were: 23rd Morgan Marraccini 24:35 PR, Christine Mariskanish 25:42, Maggie Shibley 26:00, Madison Smith 26:03 PR, Jilian Yankey 26:05, and Erica Desous 26:12. The other ladies were in the Junior Varsity Race and their times were: Elizabeth Troutwine 25:47, Bailey Williams 28:00, Abigail Efting 28:05, Koula Fragos 28:49, Kensleigh Ables 29:15, Meghan Chinn 30:29, Ashley Merritt 30:31, and Cassie Snow 32:36.
Jungle Run – The Girl’s Championship Race saw some very fast teams and that didn’t stop the Lady Eagles from going head to head against them. The Eagles Varsity Team which was made up of 3 freshmen, 3 Sophomores, and a Junior saw several PR’s on the night led by the freshmen duo Lindsey Williams and Julia Boudreau. Lindsey was 39th Overall with a time of 21:32 PR, Julia was 22:48, followed by Morgan Marraccini 23:51 PR, Erica DeSousa 24:19, Jilian Yankey 24:35, Maggie Shibley 25:02, and Madison Smith was 26:41. The other ladies were in the developmental race and their times were: Elizabeth Troutwine 24:41, Christine Mariskanish 25:39, Emily Troutwine 25:45 PR, Abigail Efting 26:09 PR, Brittney Synakowski 26:39 PR, Bailey Williams 27:53, Katie Carter 28:22 PR, Kensleigh Ables 28:24, Ashley Merritt 28:24, Hanna Topping 29:06, and Meghan Chinn 30:38.
The Eagles Cross Country teams have another busy week with a meet in Jacksonville against 8 other teams on Wednesday and then a Huge Invitational at UNCW on Saturday. The Eagles will get another chance to see where they are as some of the top teams in North Carolina will be gathering in Wilmington for one of the biggest Invitational’s of the Season.