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Back You are here: Home Sports Sport News High School Sports Ashley High School Boy’s & Girl’s Cross Country Teams have another Busy Week Last Week

Ashley High School Boy’s & Girl’s Cross Country Teams have another Busy Week Last Week

Boy’s take 1st in Close Meet on Wednesday, followed by a 12th Place Finish out of 27 teams at the 25th Annual UNCW Seahawk Invitational

Eagles from (R-L): Will Mayo, Cody Benton, Stephen Wilson, and Bryan Veals.

• 9/5 - Eagles Cross Country Teams Compete in 9-School Meet in Jacksonville - The Boys were able to take 1st Place and the Girls finished in 5th Place - The Screaming Eagles Boy’s and Girls Cross Country teams compete in their 2nd regular season meet of the season this past Wednesday, at Jacksonville’s Northeast Creek Park. While condition’s were on the warm site the course was fairly flat and fast with over half the course in the shade.
West Carteret’s John Crossley began pulling away at the 2nd mile finishing with a time of 16:00. Jacksonville’s Jarred Smith was 2nd 16:13, J.T. Booker White Oak 16:29, Ashley’s Joe Harty was 4th 16:43 PR (New Junior Record),, Steven Tulevech WC 16:45, 6th Hoggard’s Ben Schimdt 16:51, 7th John Michael Harris WC 16:53, 8th Cody Benton Ashley 16:56 PR (New Freshmen Record),  9th Stephen Wilson Ashley 16:58 PR, and 10th Zach Burns Havelock 16:59.
The Eagles and West Carteret were tied at 45-45 after all the top 5 runner’s scores were added up, forcing the 6th runner’s place to decide the winner. Ashley’s Will Mayo was well ahead of West Carteret’s 6th giving the Eagles the win. Hoggard was 3rd 85, New Bern 4th 102, White Oak 5th 130, New Hanover 6th 185, Havelock 7th 198, Jacksonville 8th 199, and Laney 9th 245.
The rest of the Eagles times in the Varsity Race were:  11th Bryan Veals 17:07 PR, 13th Brien Lancaster 17:20, 15th Will Mayo 17:45, and 42nd Rylee Smith 19:45. The Junior Varsity race was led by 3 Eagles and if the race had been scored the Eagles would have won as they had places 1, 2, 3, 9, and 10. Brandon Nix took the lead a little after the halfway point and won with a final time of 18:05, followed by Daniel Lancaster 18:10 PR, David Fletchner 18:30, 9th Chris Avery 19:10 PR, 10th Jordan Powell 19:14 PR, 16th Gray Wilson 19:40 PR, 27th Dylan Merten 20:30, 29th Nathen Mercer 20:36, Vaughn Rizzo 21:20 PR, 56th Allen Rodrick 22:08, 60th Marshall Skelton 22:17 PR, 63rd Nick Galnoka 22:22, 91st Dylan Scero 23:40, 109 Adam Ortega 24:27, Loch McDonald 23:50.
In the Girl’s Race West Carteret was very dominate, taking 4 of the top 10 spots with Blake Dodge leading the way with a 19:27. She was followed by MaryKate Helms from White Oak 19:35, 3rd Place Katie Cease WC 19:44, 4th Morgan Sanderson Hoggard 20:22, 5th Caitlin Annunzlata Havelock 21:03, 6th Marlena Cronell WO 21:04, 7th Julia Boudreau Ashley 21:08 PR, 8th Emma Gomex WC 21:15, 9th EricaKouleski Hog 21:21, and 10th Kristen Wagner WC 21:22. The Team scores were: West Carteret 35, Hoggard 52, White Oak 86, Havelock 121, Ashley 135, New Hanover 155, Laney 164, New Bern 234 and Jacksonville had No Score.
The rest of the Eagles times in the Varsity Race were: 14th Lindsey Williams 21:39, 29th Morgan Marraccini 23:33 PR, 44th Erica DeSousa 24:03, 48th Elizabeth Troutwine 24:29, 55th Maggie Shibley 26:46, and 56th Jilian Yankey 26:42. The Girls in the JV Race times were: Christine Mariskanish 24:10, Emily Troutwine 26:07, Abigail Efting 26:08, Madison Smith 26:50, Bailey Williams 26:51, Meghan Chinn 27:02 PR, Katie Carter 27:22 PR, Ashley Merritt 27:34 PR, Erin Heglar 28:53, Hanna Topping 30:29, and Koula Fragos 30:30.
• 9/8 - Screaming Eagles Boy’s & Girl’s Cross Country Teams have best ever finish at the 25th Annual Seahawk Invitational - Boy’s Finish 12th Place out of 27 teams in the Championship Race and Girl’s take 7th Place out of 17 teams in the Varsity Race - The Screaming Eagles Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country Teams were in action for the 2nd time this week at UNCW’s 25th Annual Seahawk Invitational this past Saturday morning.
The Boy’s Junior Varsity teams was up 1st and was short handed as some of the members of the team had to run in the Varsity Race since some of the Varsity team had prior obligations and others were no shows. Never the less that didn’t stop Rylee Smith from leading the way for the Eagles in this race with a time of 19:09, followed by Jordan Powell with a 19:39, Chris Avery 21:34, Ben Jackson 22:07, and David Elrod with the only PR performance of the day for the Eagles with a 22:53.
The Varsity Boys were up next and were participating in the Championship Boys race featuring some of the best schools from out area and around the state. The Eagles were having some trouble with the high temperatures, high humidity and the course was soft in some spots and other area’s saturated from rain. But the Eagles were lead by team Capt. Brien Lancaster who finished close to his personal best time at 17:18 and took 26th Place. He was followed by: Stephen Wilson in 52nd 17:48, 83rd Joseph Harty 18:15, 105th Cody Benton 18:37, 107th Daniel Lancaster 18:38, 146th Brandon Nix 19:21, and David Fletchner 21:18.
Temperature’s and Humidity continued to rise by the time the Eagles Varsity Girl’s took the course in the Varsity Race. Early in the Race Julia Boudreau and Lindsey Williams lead the race for the Lady Eagles and were able to run together for the 1st 2 miles. Then both ladies made a move dropping their overall places in the race and finishing with times of: 23:51 (Lindsey) and 24:28 (Julia). The other ladies times in the race were: 63rd Erica DeSousa 24:45, 64th Morgan Marraccini 24:47, 65th Maggie Shibley 25:01, and 84th Jiliam Yankey 25:32. The Ladies were able to finish a impressive 7th Place.
The Eagles will have 1 more busy week before going into training mode for the County Championship October 11th, Conference Championships October 18th, Regional Championships October 27th, and State Championships November 3rd (if they place top 4 at Regionals).