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Back You are here: Home Sports Sport News High School Sports Ashley High School hosts the 12th Annual Veterans Cup

Ashley High School hosts the 12th Annual Veterans Cup

Victor Sosa takes 1st Place in 113 Pound Class

Voted Most Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament: Victor Sosa, Ashley. He was 32-1 in the tournament.

Ashley HS finished in 8th place in the 12th Annual Veterans Cup wrestling tournament which they hosted this past Saturday.  Victor Sosa took the loan gold medal for the Screaming Eagles defeating Laney's Adon Hardy in the finals at 113 lbs. by a score of 22-8.  Ethan Tello was the only other Ashley wrestler to place in the top four taking 3rd place at 152 lbs. Below are results:
• Team Scores: 1st Place  248  Jacksonville, 2nd Place 219 Laney, 3rd Place 169.50  West Brunswick, 4th Place 119  Northside, 5th Place 99.50  Hoggard, 6th Place 82.50  South Brunswick, 7th Place 77.50  West Craven, 8th Place 71.50  Ashley, 9th Place 56  North Brunswick, 10th Place 44.50  White Oak, 11th 39.00  Richlands, 12th 34  Swansboro, 13th 34  Trask, 14th 31.50  New Hanover, 15th 24.50  Clinton, and 16th 7.00  Pender.
• Weight:  106: 1st:  David Bostian, Laney, 2nd:  Jamarcus Allen, White Oak, 3rd:  Cameron Bates, Jacksonville, 4th:  Kasey Hill, Swansboro.   
• Weight:  113: 1st:  Victor Sosa, Ashley, 2nd:  Adon Hardy, Laney, 3rd:  Jyquan Green, West Brunswick, 4th: Dino Bulla, Northside.
• Weight:  120: 1st:  Xavier Ross, Jacksonville, 2nd:  Porfroio Bautista, West Brunswick, 3rd:  Jarrett Walls, South Brunswick, and 4th:  Samuel Chavez, Trask.    
• Weight:  126: 1st: Tyler Ross, Jacksonville, 2nd:  Campbell Alspaugh, West Brunswick, 3rd:  Jonathan Miller, Laney, and 4th:  David Wilson, Hoggard.  
• Weight: 132: 1st:  Brandon Seward, Jacksonville, 2nd:  Russell Harrrison, Laney, 3rd:  Cody Cooke, West Craven, and 4th:  Daniel Wilson, Hoggard.
• Weight: 138: 1st:  Cole Plott, Laney, 2nd:  Robert Baker, West Craven, 3rd:  Philippe Frederick, Hoggard, 4th:  Jake Prather, White Oak  
• Weight: 145: 1st:  Schyler Wagner, Laney, 2nd:  Matt Laffery, Northside, and Co-3rd  Mitch Lafave, Hoggard and Co-3rd  Zach McCracken, Jacksonville
• Weight: 152: 1st:  Christain Heisey, Jacksonville, 2nd:  Shane Milliner, New Hanover, and Co-3rd  Ethan Tello, Ashley and Co-3rd  Zach Ledford, Laney.
• Weight: 160: 1st:  Juan Ramos, Northside, 2nd:  Dylan Darguzas, West Brunswick, and Co-3rd  Aaron Roach, West Craven and Co-3rd  Spencer Clark, Jacksonville
• Weight:  170: 1st:  Marcell Burns, Laney, 2nd:  Homero Segura, North Brunswick, 3rd:  Tevin Melton, Jacksonville, and 4th:  Nolan Scoggins, West Brunswick.
• Weight: 182: 1st:  Josh Childress, Jacksonville, 2nd:  Evin Bellamy, North Brunswick, 3rd:  Louis Grayson, Northside, and 4th:  Albert Landa, West Brunswick   
• Weight: 195: 1st:  Brian Capps, Laney, 2nd:  Dakota Smith, West Brunswick, 3rd:  John  Kellum, Jacksonville, and 4th:  Zach Wright, Richlands    10-  5
• Weight:  220: 1st:  Trent Allen, South Brunswick, 2nd:  Trey Eason, Northside, 3rd:  Bobby McRainey, West Brunswick, and 4th:  Tykerion Stevens, Clinton.
Weight:  285: 1st:  Marquis Brown, West Brunswick, 2nd:  Malik Moore, Hoggard, 3rd:  Matt Reed, Jacksonville, 4th:  Colby Hill, South Brunswick   
• Eagles Results:
• 106   Madison Smith Record: 8-10, Lost    Kasey Hill SWAN                  Fall :44, Lost    Nickolas Mclean TR Fall 0:23;
• 113: Victor Sosa Record: 32- 1 took 1st Place. Won - Joshua Myers RICH Fall 2:38, Won Owen Edwards JAX Fall 0:40, Won Dino Bulla NS Fall 4:21, and Won Adon Hardy LAN M-Dec.
• 132: Austin Gabriel Record: 14-11.  Lost Russell Harrrison LANFall 2:50, Won Nathan Baker SWAN  Fall 1:59, Won Shymel Dow NHHS Fall 3:07, Won Dylan O'Dwyer NS Fall 3:36, Lost Daniel Wilson HOG Dec.
• 145: Luke Wilson Record: 13- 8. Won Mark Dunlap SWAN M-Dec, Lost Schyler Wagner LAN M-Dec, and Lost Mitch Lafave HOG Fall 2:40.
• 152: Ethan Tello Record: 15-8 3rd place. Won Sam LaRue SWAN  M-Dec,  Won Jakita Lane TR Fall 1:47, Lost Shane Milliner NHHS Fall 5:51, Won Dashawn Arnold NS M-Dec.  
• 160: Bruce Kopka Record: 9- 6. Won Miguel Flores HOG Fall 5:44, Won Spencer Clark JAX Dec, Lost Dylan Darguzas WB Dec, and Lost Spencer Clark JAX Dec.
• 170: Jesse Jewell Record: 7-12, Lost Nolan Scoggins WB Dec, Won Winston Sessoms SWAN Fall 2:57, and Lost Marcel Apodaca RICH Fall 2:18.
• 220: Lukas Majkut Record: 12-14.  Lost Trey Eason NS Dec, Won Nikolas Divilio RICH Fall 4:57, and Lost Tykerion Stevens CLIN Fall 1:09.
• 285: Phillip Parker Record: 10-19. Lost Malik Moore HOG Fall 0:23, and Lost Daniel Best TR Fall 2:47.