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Boy’s & Girl’s Cross Country Teams have perfect score in 3-School Meet

The Screaming Eagles Boy’s & Girl’s Cross Country teams continue to improve as the season rolls on. The Eagles showed some of their firepower at a 3-School Meet against West Brunswick and New Hanover this past Wednesday running away with the meet. Both teams had a perfect score for the 1st time in school history, which is 15 points. In both races the Eagles finished 1st-6th Place. In the Boys Race West Brunswick had 49 points and New Hanover’s (who ran their JV team) had 85. In the Girl’s race West Brunswick was also 2nd with 61 points, and New Hanover’s (who ran their JV team) had 64.
In the Boy’s Race the Eagles were lead by Stephen Wilson who finished with a time of 17:13. Stephen was followed by a pack of Eagles, Daniel Lancaster was 2nd 17:18, Will Mayo was 3rd 17:48, Cody Benton was 4th 17:50, Joe Harty was 5th 18:13, Vaughn Rizzo was 6th with a 18:28, Chris Avery was 8th 19:29, Rylee Smith was 9th 19:43, Nash Best  was 11th 20:01, Adam Ortega was 12th 20:02, Connor Snow was 13th 20:03, Thomas Avery was 14th 20:04, James Avery was 15th 20:05, Nathan Mercer was 17th 20:30, David Elrod was 19th 21:00, Nathan Ovall was 20th 21:02, David Fletchner was 22nd 21:20, Jeffery Hubbard was 26th 21:42, Allen Rodrick was 27th 21:50, Marshall Skelton was 30th 22:00, Robert Penna-Welch was 33rd with a 22:37, Nick Galonka was 40th 23:33,  George Malahias was 41st 23:39, Peter Vogiatzis was 42nd 23:39, Ian Reichow was 43rd 24:02, Dylan Secero was 28th 24:20, Lucas Galonka was 53rd 25:01, Cameron Seyer was 63rd 27:41, Ritchie Bland was 64th 27:42, Alex Signorello was 66th 28:48, and Chris Johnson was 67th 30:32. In the Girl’s Race Sara Silka jumped out front early and didn’t look back winning with a final time of 20:55. Sydney Westra was the next runner across the line with a 22:10, followed by Morgan Marriccinni 3rd 22:47, Erica DeSousa was 4th 22:59, Rachel Luscher was 5th 23:19, Kaela Groseclose was 6th 23:33, Erin Hager was 9th 24:21, Abigail Efting was 12th 24:44, Ryleigh McIntosh was 13th 24:46, Killian Yankey was 15th 24:58, Meghan Chinn was 20th 25:38, Madison Smith was 21st 25:39, Maggie Skelton was 22nd 25:52, Hailee Kiesecker was 23rd 25:52, Maggie Shibley was 24th 26:18, Chole Deets was 29th 26:47, Kensleigh Ables was 32nd 27:14, Bailey Williams was 33rd 27:19, Hanna Topping was 44th with a 29:00, Mackenzie Allen was 46th 29:06, Emille Troutwine was 47th 29:09, Kaley Smith was 48th 29:51, Koula Fragos was 51st 31:10, Andrea Granato was 52nd 31:22, and Katie Campana was 55th 32:49.