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Pleasure Island Soccer Association Spring Recreation League at the Halfway Point

In the Boys U6 Division Crossley McIntosh Center and Rent-A-Johns finished in a 1-1 tie Week 4.

The Pleasure Island Soccer Association’s 2012 Spring Recreation League is at its halfway point in their Regular Season. Teams had a week off for the Easter Holiday so games will resume this week on Thursday, Saturday and next Tuesday. Below is a recap of how the 1st 4 weeks have gone in each division.
• Girl’s U6 Division – After 4 weeks 3 teams are close at the top of the standings. Ribbet Salon 3-1 and Harris Teeter 3-0-1 are tied with 17 points, followed closely by Signal 3-1 with 16 points. The Island Gazette 1-2-1 is in 4th Place with 7 points and Blue Tone Media and Dr. Skip & Dr. Steph are tied for 5th Place with a 0-3-1 record.
• Girl’s U7 Division – Kate’s Pancake House 4-0 has been able to stay undefeated after 4 games and is 7-points ahead in the standings with 21 points. Chick-Fil-A 3-1 is in 2nd by a comfortable margin with 14-points. Masonboro Family Medicine 1-3 is n 3rd with 6-points and Beach Charms is in 4th.
• Girl’s U8 Division – Crossfit Wilmington 3-0 has been hard to beat this season with Krazy Kones coming the closest to beating them 3-1. They are in 1st with 15 points, but followed closely by Krazy Kones 2-1 with 12 points. The battle for 3rd and 4th in close, separated by just 1-point. In 3rd Seahawks Soccer Camps 1-2-1 with 7 points and 4th is Bachert Builds 1-2 with 6-points. Pleasure Island Insurance 0-2-1is in 5th Place with a point.
• Girl’s U10 White Division – This is a tough division with ZIP ZAP and Wetherill Family Dentistry both tied for 1st with 3-o records and 17 points. Currently in 2nd is Starling Marine 1-2 with 6 points, and Constructive Building Solution 1-2 with 4 points. Beds Plus is currently in 5th.
• Girl’s U10 Red Division – In this very competitive division NRL Builders 2-2 is tied with The Fuzzy Peach 2-1-1. Both have 11 points. They are followed closely by Subsurface Support 1-1-2 in 3rd Place with 7 points and Papa John’s Pizza 1-2-1 in 4th with 6 points.
• Girl’s U12 Division – In this big division Shallotte Shock 3-0-2 is currently in 1st Place with 17 points. The next 4 places are only separated by 3-points. In 2nd Place is Sweet Bliss with a 2-0-1 record and 13 points. In 3rd Place Siena Trattoria 2-1-1 with 11 points, and tied for 4th Place is Feisol Tripods 2-2 and Comfort Suites – Magnolia Greens 2-2 both have 10-points. Bass Built 1-1-1 is in 6th Place with 7 points. In 7th Place Carolina Sports Medicine 1-2-1 with 6 points, State Farm – Thomas Murphy 1-3 with 4 points and in 9th is Seacoast Engineering, PC.
• Boy’s U6 Division – Tumblegym 3-1 is leading the way in this tough division with 16 points. Just 1 point behind them in 2nd Place is the C.B.P.D. 3-1 with 15 points. Tied for 3rd Place with 11 points is Simply Play 2-1-1 and Rent-A-John 2-0-2. Dr. Skip & Dr. Steph 2-1-1 are just a point behind with 10. Crossley McIntosh & Collier 1-2-1 are in 6th Place with 7 points. Pleasure Island Insurance is in 7th Place with a point and Got-Em-On Live is in 8th Place.
• Boy’s U7 Division – Kidsville News 4-0 has been able to stay unbeaten after winning some close games. They are currently in 1st with 19 points. However only 1 point behind them in 2nd is Hibachi Bistro 3-1 with 17 points. 4 Seasons Site & Demo 1-3 is in 3rd with 4 points and Cori McQueen – SeaCoast Realty.
• Boy’s U8 Division – Amnesty International 3-0 is currently in 1st Place in their division with 16 points. 2 Teams are hot on their heels with 12 points, El Cazador 2-1 and Admirals Quarters 2-1. Uncle Vinny’s 1-1-1 is in 4th Place with 7 points and in 5th Place is Firehouse Subs 0-3-1.
• Boy’s U10 Division – This is another division with 3 teams separated by 3 points. Currently in 1st with 21 points is Andy’s Cheeseburgers 4-0, who have only allowed 2 goals all season. Coastwalk Real Estate 4-0 is in 2nd with 20 points and have scored 30 goals. In 3rd also at 4-0 with 19 points is State Farm – David Ward, who have outscored their opponent’s this season 27-2. Buffalo Wild Wings 2-2 is in 4th with 10 points, Hanover Jewelry & Pawn 1-3 is in 5th Place with 6 points, Byrnes Services 1-3 is in 6th with 4 points and Faircloth Electric 0-4 and Wilmington Lawn & Leisure 0-4 are tied for 7th.
• Boy’s U12 Division – Michael’s Seafood 4-0 are currently in 1st with 21 points and have outscored their opponents 23-7. Joseph Jamison, DDS 2-1 is currently in 2nd with 10 points; their only loss of the season was to Michael’s Seafood 4-3. Irongates 1-2 is in 3rd with 6 points, and Islander’s Kwik Mart 0-2-1 and Pop’s Diner 0-2-1 are both tied for 4th with 1 point.
• Boy’s U14 Division – Shuckin Shack 3-0-1 is currently in 1st Place with 15 points and has outscored their opponents 8-2. Trophy Rides 2-2 is in 2nd place just 4-points behind Shuckin Shack with 11 points. Buffalo Wild Wings 1-1-2 is in 3rd Place with 8 points, and Moe’s 0-3-1 is in 4th Place with a point.
• Boy’s U18 Division – In this 3 team division Beds Plus 2-0 is in 1st Place with 10 points. E.W.E. 1-1 is in 2nd Place with 6 points and Buffalo Wild Wings is in 3rd Place.