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Pleasure Island Kick Ball League Wraps Up this Week

Tournament starts Next Week

Pleasure Island Adult Co-Ed Kick Ball League standing as of press time: Kickstarz:7-2-1. Master Ballers: 6-2-1. Rubber Shuckers: 7-3. Midtown Marauders: 3-5. One Kick Wonders: 3-6. Make-Up games were held 5/13 for the missed 04/26 game, scores will be posted next week along with the Play-Off schedule.
Ball Busters: 0-8 Ball Busters 0-6Weekly Scores: (Week 1) Kickstarz-3 tied with master ballers-3. Master ballers-3 won over one kick wonders-2. One kick wonders-18 won over ball busters-3 (Week 2) 4/12: Rubber Shuckers-6 Midtown Marauders-0. Kickstarz-9 Rubber Shuckers-3. Midtown Marauders-13 Ball Busters-2. (Week 3) 4/17: Master Ballers-8 Rubber Shuckers-1. Kickstarz-31 Ball Busters-1. Master Ballers-14 Ball Busters-0. (Week 4) 4/19: One Kick Wonders-10 Midtown Mrauders-4. Midtown Marauders-10 Rubber Shuckers-8. Kickstarz-9 One Kick Wonders-4. (week 5) 4/24: Rubber Shuckers-10 Kickstarz 6. Kickstarz-12 Master Ballers-11. Rubber Shuckers-17 One Kick Wonders-1. (week 6) 5/10: Rubber Shuckers-11 Master Ballers-6. Rubber Shuckers-7 Ball Busters-0. One Kick Wonders-11 Ball Busters-6.
The Pleasure Island Adult Co-Ed Kick Ball League was a welcomed addition to the Island’s recreational sports scene as it gave many locals the chance to get out and have some fun.  If you would like to find out more about the Pleasure Island Adult Co-Ed Kick Ball League’s inaugural season you can find them on Facebook.  Their Facebook page includes scores, highlights and updates from the season and you will see more there on how to get involved when next season rolls around.