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P.I. Softball News: El Cazador Holds 5-1 Record after 6th week

This week Pleasure Island Athletic Leagues Summer Co-Ed Softball League will hold games for the Independence Day Holiday.  To date league standings are El Cazador 5-1, Charlies Subs 4-1, Lazy Pirate 3-2, Ocean Grille 2-2 Shack 2-3, Last Resort 1-3 and Alpha Dogs 0-5. The following are scores and schedules for Pleasure Island Athletic Leagues Summer Co-Ed Softball League.  Weekly sores are as follows: 06/14: El Cazador -12 Charlies-9. Charlies-19 Last Resort Dirt Bagz-6. OG Bucaneers-14 Alpha Dogs-10. 06/19: Lazy Pirates- 10 Shack-3. Charlies Subs-9 Lazy Pirates-6. Shack-13 Alpha Dogs-3. 9pm game got called due to injuries, will post make up soon. 06/21: LR Dirt Bagz-11 OG Bucaneers-5. El Cazador -11 OG Bucaneers-6. El Cazador -12 Lazy Pirates-11. 06/25: Last Resort Dirt Bags-6 Lazy Pirates-4. Lazy Pirates-7 Alpha Dogs-6. Shack-15 El Cazador-2. Ocean Grill Bucaneers-8 Shack-7. 06/26: El Cazador-7 Last Resort Dirt Bagz-4. El Cazador-14 Alpha Dogs-11. Charlies Subs-12 Alpha Dogs-10. Charlies Subs-16 Shack-12.
Upcoming games: Tuesday 07/10: 6pm Charlies Subs Vs OG Bucaneers. 7pm Lazy Pirate Vs. OG Bucaneers. 8pm Shack Vs Lazy Pirate. 9pm LR Dirt Bags Vs Shack. Thursday 07/12: 6pm El Cazador Vs Charlies Subs. 7pm Alpha Dogs Vs LR Dirt Bags. 8pm El Cazador Vs Alpha Dogs. Tuesday 07/17: 6pm Shack Vs LR Dirt Bags. 7pm LR Dirt Bags Vs El Cazador. 8pm Beach Bums Vs Lazy Pirate. 9pm Lazy Pirate Vs Alpha Dogs. Thursday 08/19: 6pm OG Bucaneers Vs Charlies Subs. 7pm OG Bucaneers Vs Alpha Dogs. 8pm Charlies Subs Vs Shack. Tuesday 07/24: 6pm Alpha Dogs Vs Shack. 7pm Alpha Dogs Vs Charlies Subs. 8pm Charlies Subs Vs LR Dirt Bags. 9pm LR Dirt Bags Vs OG Bucaneers. Thursday 07/26: 6pm Charlies Subs Vs Lazy Pirate. 7pm Shack Vs El Cazador. 8pm OG Bucaneers Vs El Cazador.
Games are played Tuesdays and Thursday at Mike Chappell Park off Dow Road in Carolina Beach until July 26th. A Playoff will follow the regular season. Teams must consist of at least 11 players (maximum of 20 players per team) and players are asked that all bats used must be 100% aluminum or wood, no composite AT ALL! Thank you For more information follow Pleasure Island Athletic Leagues on Facebook!