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Softball News: Lazy Pirate Wins PI Athletic League’s Regular Season: Playoff Champs TBA

Pleasure Island Athletic Leagues Co-Ed Fall Softball’s regular seasons has ended with Final Regular Season Standings as follows: 1st Lazy Pirate 11-3 (Regular season champs). 2nd AIC Metal 10-4. 3rd The Dive 9-5. 4th Charlie's Subs 7-7 (tiebreaker). 5th Shuckin' Shack 7-7. 6th Satellite Army 6-8. 7th El Cazador 3-11 (tiebreaker). 8th Silver Dollar 3-11. Playoffs began Tuesday 11/13 and will continue Thursday 11/15: (Tuesday 11/13) Game 1: 6pm- 8 seed at 1 seed. Game 2: 7pm- 7 seed at 2 seed. Game 3: 8pm- 6 seed at 3 seed. Game 4: 9pm- 5 seed at 4 seed.
Thursday 11/15: (lower seed will be home team) Game 5: 6pm- Game 1 winner vs. Game 4 winner. Game 6: 7pm- Game 2 winner vs. Game 3 winner. Game 7: 8pm- Consolation Game: Game 5 loser vs. Game 6 loser. Game 8: 9pm- CHAMPIONSHIP GAME Game 5 winner vs Game 6 Winner.
During Season, games are played Tuesdays and Thursday at Mike Chappell Park off Dow Road in Carolina Beach. A Playoff will follow the regular season. PIAC Softball is structured to be a full co-ed softball league, with 10 players (3 females) on the field at all times. Starting with games the week of 10/16, all 10 batting positions must be filled. If a team plays with less than 10 batters, there will be an out incurred for those positions. Meaning, a team can play with 9 players (2 females), but that 10th spot will incur an out no matter how many players a team starts a game with. Teams can play with 8 players (1 female) but they will incur 2 outs in the 9th and 10th batting spots. Some teams are gaining competitive advantage by only playing 9 in the field. That's not the spirit in which PIAC Softball was intended. Teams will be given until 10/16 to add another 2 females to their roster if necessary. There was a vote among team captains, and the vote was 7-1 in favor of amending the rule.
Thanks for everyone's understanding that PIAC is a league built for its players enjoyment, fairness, and safety. Players are asked that all bats used must be 100% aluminum or wood, no composite AT ALL! AMMENDED RULES: 1) In the event of a play at the plate, the runner must make every attempt to avoid making contact with the catcher or player occupying the catcher position. Sliding is NOT mandatory if it will put the catcher's position player more at risk by sliding. At other bases, runners may not "knock the ball loose" from a player occupying a base.
Doing so will result in an automatic out. If a runner unintentionally knocks the ball loose during a slide, the runner will not incur an automatic out. The whole intent of this rule is to avoid unnecessary contact between runners and position players. As before, plays at the plate are the discretion of the umpires. 2) All forfeits will be scored 7-0 in case there is a tiebreaker needed at the end of regular season play. 
For more information on Pleasure Island Athletic Leagues Co-Ed Softball or Kickball Leagues follow them on Facebook or stop by the Carolina Beach Recreation Center located at 1121 North Lake Park Boulevard behind the Town Hall Municipal Complex.