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After 3 Weeks 2 Teams tied for 1st Place

12/18 – United Rentals 49 Chulluminati 74, 2nd Chance 67 Charlie’s 51, LS Smith Contractors vs. The Mighty Ducks 55;

United Rentals was defeated by Chulluminati by a final score of 74-49.

By: Shawn R. McKee
Staff Writer

• 6:30 –United Rentals vs. Chulluminati – Chulluminati’s A.J. Singh helped his team break-out to a 21-point halftime lead thanks to the 23-points he scored in the 1st Half (7 3-pointers). In the 2nd half Chulluminati let up some in the 2nd half, but still was able to coast to a 74-49 victory. HIGHLIGHTS: Chullumnati: #24 Ajay Singh 25 (23 in the 1st half), Nick Douglas 18, #13 Harris Fayad 11, #7 Joel Yoworski 7, and #3 Brandon Costabile and #6 Justin Metts each had 2-points. United Rentals: #34 Ray Goulding 23, #22 Robert Goulding and #26 Brett Bunting each had 8-points, #7 Ben Taft 5, #13 Derek Koontz and #2 John Cordell each had 2-points and #25 Sonny Blackburn 1-point.
• 7:30 – 2nd Chance vs. Charles – Both teams had some scoring trouble in the 1st half with 2nd Chance taking a 3-point lead 23-20. However after halftime 2nd Chance’s offense exploded with 44 points, while their defense held Charles to 31 giving them the win 67-51. HIGHLIGHTS: 2nd Chance: #9 Chris Carter 24, #24 Maurice Murphy 20, #3 Zack Chavis 11, #1 Orlo Work and #12 Chris Perkins 5-points each, and #4 Chris Allen 2-points. Charles: #11 Zach Finnegan and #24 Lucas Reed each had 20-points, #10 Kendall Altman 7, and #5 Austin Cain 4-points.
• 8:30 – LS Smith Contractors vs. The Mighty Ducks – The 1st half of this game was a close one with The mighty Ducks taking a 1-point halftime lead 25-24. After halftime LS Smith Contractors’ Daniel Lockwood helped them gain control of the game with his 23-points in the 2nd half they were able to finish with a  12-point lead 67-55. HIGHLIGHTS: LS Smith Contractors: Daniel Lockwood 25 (23-points in the 2nd half), #3 Chase Blackburn 15, #32 Louie Decarolis 14, #22 George Buckingham 6, #11 Lani Thompson 5, #24 Justin Anderson 2.