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Youth Basketball League: Just 3 Teams left with Unbeaten Records

Costco’s Hannah Lawrie gets a big hug from her Father & Coach Kevin
 Lawrie after connecting on 2 free throws in their game against HP Homes this past Saturday.

6-8 Age Division - Gulfstream  24 P.I. Exercise Club 21, CBPD 11 Island Gazette 18, Costco 6 HP Homes 21; 9-11 Age Division - Kure Beach Pier 36 Wilkinson & Assoicates ERA Realty 8, Superior Medical 22 Sub Surface Support 20, Michael’s Seafood 33 Island Tackle & Hardware 14; 12-14 Age Division - Hamm Hearing Aid Center 37 Mid-Atlantic Drilling 27, Nikki’s Gourmet & Sushi Bar 44 Harbor Master’s 31;
15-17 Age Division - Allied Pest Control 42 Blackburn Brothers 37, Atlantic Coast Carpet 41 CBPD 23;

PIYL Week 4
1/25 & 1/26
• 6:30PM –Hamm Hearing Aid Center vs. Mid-Atlantic Drilling – Mid-Atlantic’s defense was able to hold Hamm to 4 1st quarter points, while their offense picked up 9 to take a 5-point lead early. Mid-Atlantic was able to tack on another point to their lead by halftime 16-10 after a 7-6 2nd quarter. After halftime Hamm was able to start to cut Mid-Atlantic’s lead down to 3-points 25-22 after outscoring them 12-9 in the 3rd quarter. In the final quarter Hamm’s defense held Mid-Atlantic to just 2-points, while their offense picked up 3 basket’s and 9 free throws to take the win 37-27. Hamm closed out the game with a 15-2 run, connected on 13 free throws in the game while committing just 7 fouls. HIGHLIGHTS: Hamm’s Hearing Aid Center: #14 Hawthorne Hamm 13 and #3 Nash Best (all 8 in the 4th quarter), #1 Elijah Akins, and #12 Larry Davis each had 8-points. Mid-Atlantic Drilling: #12 Vincent Farmintino 13, #13 Brice Eller 6, #4 Jacob Hardison 3, #10 Rocco Farmintino and #14 Jacob Miles 2-points each, and #11 Cade Smith Martin 1.
• 7:30PM – Blackburn Brothers vs. Allied Pest Control – Allied’s Dylan Owen had 10 of their 12 1st quarter points after the 1st quarter in this game as Allied took the early lead 12-5. After a close 2nd quarter Blackburn was able to cut a point off Alllieds lead by halftime 26-20. After halftime Allied was able to add that point back and then some more as they outscored Blackburn 11-8, bringing the score to 37-28. In the final quarter Blackburn was able to go on a late run, outscoring Allied 9-3 but it wasn’t enough. Allied won this game by a final score of 42-37. HIGHLIGHTS: Allied Pest Control: #3 Dylan Owen 19, #2 Erik Jedrey 13, and #5 Jordan Powell and #12 Bronson Hope each had 5-points. Blackburn Brothers: #3 Justin Blackburn 11, #2 Donovan Francis 9, #13 Brandon Rood 8, #10 Wes Parker 6, #14 Julian Blackburn 2, and #1 Logan Loftin 1.
• 8:30PM – Atlantic Coast Carpet Cleaning vs. C.B.P.D. – Atlantic Coast went on a couple runs to put this game away early, outscoring CBPD 11-4 in the 1st quarter and 7-3 in the 2nd to take a 18-7 halftime lead. After halftime both teams’ picked up their offense with Atlantic taking the slight edge in the quarter 14-12 bringing their lead up to 13-points 32-19. In the final quarter Atlantic Coast tightened up on the defense holding CBPD to just 4-points while their offense picked up 9 to take the win 41-23. HIGHLIGHTS: CBPD: #13 Connor Garnette 14, #1 Ryan Payne 5, and #10 Peter Bourne and #4 William Noxon each had 2-points. Allied Pest Control: #2 David Hicks 13, #13 Josh Ywaskevic and #1 Michael Gotto each had 6-points, #5 Drew Brinson 5, #14 Randy Richard 4, #3 Sean Anderson 3, and #4 Ryan Hardison and #10 Jeremy Brekke each had 2-points.
• 9:00AM – Gulfstream vs. P.I. Exercise Club – Both teams did a lot of scoring in the 1st quarter, but it was Gulfstream lead by Neil Sims (with 8) taking the early lead 10-5. After the 1st quarter P.I. Exercise Club was able to cut the lead to just 2-points after outscoring Gulfstream 6-3 in the 2nd quarter. After halftime Gulfstream was able to get their lead back up to 4-points after they outscored P.I. Exercise Club 6-4. In the final quarter PI Exercise Club got a little help and almost was able to take the win, but came up 3-points short giving Gulfstream the win 24-21. HIGHLIGHTS: Gulfstream: #4 Neil Sims 15, #3 Nicholas Lamendola 5, and #12 Colin Neal and #14 Kaylee Smith each had 2-points. P.I. Exercise Club: #12 Carter Grace 7, #13 Ryan McCann 6, #5 Cameron Kidder 4, and #14 Khalil Kelly and #10 Silas Jackson each had 2-points.
• 10:00AM – C.B.P.D. vs. Island Gazette – After giving up the 1st basket after the opening tip-off the Island Gazette closed out the 1st quarter with a 7-1 run to take the lead 7-3. However in the 2nd half CBPD went on a 4-0 run to tie up the game at halftime 7-7. After halftime The Island Gazette tightened up their defense and went on a 5-2 run in the 3rd quarter to take a 3-point lead 12-9. In the final quareter The Island Gazette was able to continue to apply the defensive pressure and held CBPD to 2-points again, while their offense lead by T.J. Parker picked up 6-points to take the win 18-11. HIGHLIGHTS: Island Gazette: T.J. Parker 12, #4 Matthew Silver 4, and #14 Ashton Little 2. CBPD: #2 Chad Fleshman 5 and #5 Jayce Atanasoff, #12 Kendall Maracucilli, and #10 Quinten Dye each had 2-points.
• 11:00AM – Costco vs. HP Homes – After a slow start HP Homes picked up the pace in the 2nd quarter. After a 4-2 1st quarter HP Homes went on a 6-0 run in the 2nd quarter to take a 10-2 into halftime. After halftime HP went on a 5-2 run in the 3rd quarter and closed out the game with a 6-2 4th quarter to take the win 21-6. HIGHLIGHTS: HP Homes: #12 Kenan Everhardt 13, #10 Leo Baggie 4, and #4 Christopher Schwenker and Owen Morini 2 each. Costco: #12 Jackson Kupec, #14 Christian Merten and #14 Hannah Lawrie each had 2-points.
• 1:00PM – Kure Beach Pier vs. Wilkinson & Associates ERA Realty – Kure Beach Pier went on a 14-0 run for the 1st 6:00 quarter. In the 2nd they continued the run this time 14-2 giving them a 28-2 halftime lead. The 2nd half was much closer with Kure Beach Pier only outscoring  Wilkinson 8-6 giving them the win 36-8. HIGHLIGHTS: Kure Beach Pier: #5 Harry Smith Martin 10, #4 John Jernigan and #2 Robbie Helmus 6 each, #10 Ethan Graves and #13 Raine Bollinger 4 each, and #1 Samuel Dawson, #11 Maddox Green, and #3 Aidan Lafferty each had 2. Wilkinson & Associates ERA Realty: #1 Jett Tugwell, #5 Madison Chalmers, #4 Jadon Morini, and #11 Owen Davies each had 2-points.
• 2:00PM - Superior Medical vs. Sup Surface Support – Both teams got off to a slow start offensively after a 2-2 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter Superior was able to pick up 8, while their defense held Sub Surface to just 3-points to take the lead at halftime 10-5. After halftime both teams picked up 5-point in the 3rd quarter keeping Superior’s 5-point lead 15-10. In the final quarter Sub Surface Support was able to make a come back and tied up the game with 41 seconds left at 20-20. But with just under 3 seconds left in the game Superior was able to hit the game winning shot to take the win 22-20. HIGHLIGHTS: Superior Medical: #12 Jake Ettefagh 11, #2 Nathan Hardison 4, #13 William Locklear 3, and #14 Nick Reeve and #3 Nicolas Schwenker 2 each. Sup Surface Support: #5 Heath Higgins 5, #1 Coleman Lamendola 4, #10 Mason Brooks, #3 Jake Stewart, #14 Daniel Stokes, #4 Tristen Odham, and #13 Brynn Little each had 2, and #2 Kyle Schoonmaker had a point.
• 3:00PM – Michael’s Seafood vs. Island Tackle & Hardware – The 1st half of this game was very close with Michael’s taking the lead after the 1st quarter 7-6. The 2nd quarter was just as close as the 1st quarter and was almost the same score with Michael’s taking a 4-point lead at halftime 14-10. However after halftime Michael’s was able to step up the defense holding Island Tackle scoreless, meanwhile on offense they added 13 more to their lead 27-10. In the final quarter Michael’s was able to keep up the defense allowing just 2 more basket’s helping them to take the win 33-14 and put them in a tie for 2nd Place. HIGHLIGHTS: Michael’s Seafood: #1 Fisher Waggett 8, #5 Joseph Barker and #14 Sam Martin each had 6-points, #2 Jas Herring and #3 Trey Johnson each had 5-points, and #12 Justin Anderson had 3. Island Tackle & Hardware: #11 Thomas Blankenbecker 6, #14 Elizabeth Hancock, #12 Mason Masey, and #10 Peyton Blankenbecker each had 2-points, and #2 Jack Garcia and #3 Seanan Darakjy each had a point.
• 4:00PM – Nikki’s Gourmet & Sushi Bar vs. Harbor Master’s – Nikki’s was able to start this game off with a 14-2 run throughout the 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter Nikki’s was able to add to their lead after outscoring Harbor master’s 12-6 giving them a 26-8 lead at halftime. In the 3rd quarter Nikki’s outscored Harbor Master’s again 9-8 giving them their largest lead of 35-16. In the final quarter Harbor Master’s was able to make a come back, but came up short giving Nikki’s the win 44-31. HIGHLIGHTS: Nikki’s Gourmet & Sushi Bar: #5 Luke Winslow 17 (7 free throws), #14 Eason Saffo 15 (7 free throws), #2 Caitlyn Barker 8, and #13 Nick Winslow and #1 Aiden Smith Martin had 2 each. Harbor Master’s: #13 Bradley Plyler 11, #14 Jacob Merten 7, #12 Ryan Bailey 6, #10 Jacob Graves 3, and #11 Jacob Reeves and #5 Lucas Golonka each had 2.

Pleasure Island Rec. Center’s Youth Basketball

 February 1st
6:30PM - Harbor Master’s vs. Hamm Hearing Aid
7:30PM - C.B.P.D vs. Allied Pest Control
8:30 -  Blackburn Brothers vs. Atlantic Coast Carpet Cleaning
February 2nd
9:00AM - C.B.P.D. vs. HP Homes
10:00AM - P.I. Exercise vs. Costco
11:00AM - Gulfstream vs. Island Gazette
1:00PM - Superior Medical vs. Michael’s Seafood
2:00PM - Kure Beach Pier vs. Island Tackle
3:00PM - Sub Surface Support vs. Wilkinson & Associates
4:00PM - Mid-Atlantic vs. Nikki’s Gourmet & Sushi Bar