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Wilmington Defeats New York Red Bulls Reserves

Steres scores lone goal for Hammerheads victory

Photo By: John Gregory

Wilmington Hammerheads midfielder Daniel Steres made for victory Saturday night with his lone goal against the New York Red Bulls Reserves at Legion Stadium in the 57th minute. The outcome of the match will be evaluated as a regular season USL PRO match in regards to the new partnership between Major League Soccer and USL PRO that was announced earlier this spring.
Wilmington maintained majority possession as the match kicked off and forward Kyle Greig kept up the intensity leading the team down the field with multiple attempts on goal. A hard shot over the crossbar in the 17th minute by Greig put New York on high alert. Wilmington's Paul Nicholson closely followed Greig with an attempt from the top of the eighteen that nearly went below the crossbar for a chance to put the Hammerheads on the board.
In the 34th minute of play, New York's Rafhinha attempted to get the ball off his foot for a shot in the box only to be taken away by Wilmington defender Shawn Nicklaw giving the Hammerheads possession and further opportunities as he carried it down the sideline. With the first half coming to a close, a sequence of passes between Wilmington's Cory Elenio and Daniel Steres made the perfect set up for Nicholson and midfielder Will Heaney to conjure a play that forced the Red Bulls to drop back in their territory and giving Nicholson another attempt at the back of the net. The lone goal of the night that would eventually give the Hammerheads victory at the final whistle came from Wilmington's Daniel Steres in the 57th minute off a Gareth Evans assist. Shortly following his assist, Evans attempted a header on New York goalkeeper Santiago Castaño off a corner kick but was answered with a deflection. After numerous attempts, Greig was near giving the Hammerheads the insurance they needed with a second goal but was called offsides on a late call by the referee. Wilmington goalkeeper Troy Hernandez had his best save of the night as a shot from New York midfielder Marius Obekop forced him to leap in the air for an attempt that almost tucked into the top of the net in the 74th minute.
The Wilmington Hammerheads will host the Charlotte Eagles on Saturday, June 22 at Legion Stadium. For further information regarding the Wilmington Hammerheads, please contact (910) 777-2111 or visit online at www.wilmingtonhammerheads.com.