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4 on 4 Co-Ed Beach Volleyball Begins Registration

Pleasure Island Sports, in conjunction with Lazy Pirate, is now offering Co-Ed Beach Volleyball this Fall. Games will be on Monday and Wednesday nights starting in late September on the new courts located at the Lazy Pirate. Team rosters can consist of up to 8 players. There must be 2 females on the court at all times. Teams can rotate in 2 extra players throughout a set, meaning up to 6 people are eligible during any particular set. Subs will be allowed in between sets. Injury subs will be allowed at any time they are necessary. Matches will be 2 sets to 15 points (win by 2) and a 3rd tiebreaker set to 11 points (win by 2) if necessary. Points are scored on every serve, no matter which teams serves.
Players must be at least 18 years of age. We welcome players of all skill levels, and if we have enough participation we will divide teams into divisions based on skill level. Remember, this is Pleasure Island and we put the emphasis on fun and eligibility for all who want to play so let's keep this upbeat and drama free! No outside coolers or drinks are allowed. Team registration forms and complete rules will be available starting Tuesday, September 3 on the Facebook page and at the Lazy Pirate.