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Pleasure Island Co-Ed Kickball Now in Sixth Week of Play

Hoplite and Gibby’s Tied with a 7-1 Record

Pleasure Island Sport’s Co-Ed Kickball League is now into their sixth week of play. As of press time Gibby’s and Hoplite are tied up with a 7-1 record. Current standings are as follows: Hoplite 7-1, Gibby’s 7-1, El Cazador 4-4, Blue Water Carpet 4-4, Sea Coast Rentals 2-6, and Gulfstream 0-8. Upcoming games scheduled: Thursday, November 7th”: Gulfstream Vs Hoplite at 7:00pm, Blue Water Carpet Vs Gibby’s at 8:00pm and El Cazador Vs Sea Coast Rentals at 9:00pm. Tuesday, November 12th: El Cazador Vs Gibby’s at 7:00pm, Hoplite Vs Blue Water Carpet at 8:00pm and Gulfstream Vs Sea Coast Rentals at 9:00pm. Thursday, November 14th: Sea Coast Rentals Vs Hoplite at 7:00pm, Gibby’s Vs Gulfstream at 8:00pm and Blue Water Carpet Vs El Cazador at 9:00pm. At the conclusion of each regular season, there will be a single elimination tournament. Seeding for the tournament will be based on regular season record. For more information on Pleasure Island Athletic Leagues Co-Ed Softball, Kickball or Volleyball Leagues follow them on Facebook or stop by the Carolina Beach Recreation Center located at 1121 North Lake Park Boulevard behind the Town Hall Municipal Complex.