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2014 Youth Basketball League Enters there 3rd Week of Play

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6-8 Age Division - Lazy Pirate 16 P.I. Exercise12, CBPD 24 Island Montessori School 6, Carolina Beach Realty 21 Island Tackle & Hardware 9; 9-11 Age Division - CB Downtown Initiative 35 CB Subway 19, Hines Senior Center 17 Cloudwyze 23, El Cazador 33 Kure Beach Pier 15, Nikki’s Gourmet & Sushi Bar 24 Mid Atlantic Drilling 27; 12-14 Age Division - Costco 37 American Legion 32, Michael’s Seafood 41 Superior Medical 37; 15-17 Age Division - Allied Pest Control 41 CBPD 51, Blackburn Brothers Seafood 50 Hamm Hearing Aid 47

In the 12-14 Age Division Michaels Seafood defeated Superior Medical Equipment.

By: Shawn R. McKee
Staff Writer

12-14 Age Division – Thursday Games
• Superior Medical vs. American Legion – This was a close game with Costco taking a slight 3-point lead after the 1st quarter 10-7 and after a 8-8 2nd quarter there lead remand the same going into halftime. After halftime American Legion was able to chip a point off Costco’s lead 27-25 going into the final quarter. After falling further behind in the quarter American Legion was forced to send Costco to the free throw line forcing them to win the game from there and they did just that. Costco picked up 10-points in the quarter all but 2 were free throws giving them the win 37-32. HIGHLIGHTS: Costco: #12 Kevin Mintz 14, #11 Rocco Farmintino 7, #14 Vinny Farmintino, #1 Bradley Plyler, and #14 Vinny Farmintino 4-points each, and #4 Brandon Plyler and #10 Fisher Waggett 2-points each. American Legion: #13 Ryan Bailey 14, #15 Morgan Carpenter 7, #5 Lucas Wilson and #3 Elijah Akins 5-points each, and #4 Aiden Smith-Martin 1.
• Michaels Seafood vs. Costco – After jumping out to a early 9-6 lead in the 1st quarter of this game Michael’s Seafood was able to increase that lead to 9-points by halftime 25-16 after outscoring Superior again 16-10 in the 2nd quarter. After halftime Superior’s defense held Michael’s to just 4-points, while their offense picked up 11 putting them within 2-points 29-27. In the final quarter Neither team was able to pull away with Michael’s winning by a final score of 41-37. HIGHLIGHTS: Michaels Seafood: #14 Tyler Tranchon 15, #13 Skii Bollinger 10, #10 Ethan Graves 5, #2 Austin Johnson 4, #11 Joseph Barker 3, and #5 Andrew Harris and #3 Matt Heglar 2-points each. Superior Medical: #14 Jacob Reeves 11, #12 Jarod Tanner 7, #3 Jake Ettefagh 6, #11 Josh Stewart 4, #15 Jeffrey Murphy 3, and #13 Thomas Nlankenbecker, #2 Peyton Blankenbecker, and #4 Jantzen Hartsell 2-points each.
15-17 Age Division Friday Games
• Hamm Hearing Aids vs. Allied Pest Control – After a 7-7 1st quarter CBPD was able to break the tie and take a 5-point lead going into halftime after outscoring Allied Pest Control 17-12 in the 2nd quarter. In the 3rd quarter Allied was able to make it a 2-point game 34-32 after they outscoring CBPD 13-10. In the final quarter the CBPD was able to step up their defense, while the offense pulled ahead by 10-points before the final buzzer winning by a final score of 51-41. HIGHLIGHTS: Allied Pest Control: #14 Josh Johnson 15, #11 Jacob Graves 9, #10 Thomas 7, #4 Daniel Farriss 5, #13 nick Winslow 3, and #12 Keegan 2. CBPD: #14 Braelyn Little 12, #1 Michael Gotto 11, #10 William Noxon 8, #11 Connor Garnette 7, #3 Drake Overton 6, #4 Sydney Waekley 5, and #12 Ra’Shawn Anglin 2.
• Blackburn Brothers vs. Hamm Hearing Aids –  After a close 1st quarter 8-7 Hamm Hearing Aids started to hit some big 3-pointers to give them a 5-point halftime lead 23-18. After halftime Blackburn was able to erase the 5-point lead and tie up the game at 32-32 after the 14-93rd quarter. In the final quarter both teams went back and forth with both teams tied up again at 45-45 after the final buzzer sent them into a 2:00 overtime periord. In overtime Blackburn’s defense held Hamm scoreless while their offense lead by Donovan Frances picked up 5-points to take the win. HIGHLIGHTS: Blackburn Brothers: #5 Kyle Dowling 15, #11 Donovan Frances 10, #2 Michael Fasano 8, #4 Matt Rood and #10 Logan Loftin each had 6-points, #14 Julian Blackburn 3, and #13 Dane Schretter 2.
6-8 Age Division Saturday Games
• Lazy Pirate vs. P.I. Exercise Club – Lazy Pirate picked up half their points in the 1st quarter after going on a 8-0 run. The 8-point lead held up going into halftime after each team picked up 2-points in the 2nd quarter. After halftime PI Exercise Club started to make up some ground after outscoring Lazy pirate 5-2 in the 3rd quarter bringing the score to 12-7. In the final quarter PI Exercise Club continued to make a run at the lead, but Lazy Pirate was able to end there charge and take the win 16-12. HIGHLIGHTS: Lazy Pirate: #14 Carter Grace 8, #10 Owen Morini 6, and #13 Khalil Kelly 2. P.I. Exercise Club: #13 Silas Jackson and #11 William Griffen 5-points each and #14 Chan Dozier 2.
• Lazy Pirate vs. CBPD – The CBPD started off this game going on a 8-0 run in the 1st quarter and after a 4-2 2nd quarter they went into halftime with a comfortable 10-point lead 12-2. After halftime the CBPD didn’t let up and outscored Island Montessori School 6-4 in the 3rd quarter and 6-0 in the 4th to take the win 24-6. HIGHLIGHTS: CBPD: #5 Jayce Atanasoff 10, 312 Kendall Marccucelli, #1 Talan Groseclose, and Fisher Carter each had 2-points, and #13 Carter Kelly had 2. Island Montessori School: #14 Brian Graybush 4 and #13 Keaton Green 2.
• Carolina Beach Realty vs. Island Tackle & Hardware – After a close 3-2 1st quarter Carolina Beach Realty was able to go on a 8-2 run in the 2nd quarter to take a 7-point halftime lead. After halftime Carolina Beach Realty continued to play tough defense outscoring Island Tackle 9-4 in the 3rd quarter and after neither team picked up a basket in the 4th quarter CB Realty won by a final score of 21-9. HIGHLIGHTS: Carolina Beach Realty: #14 Terrell Parker had 16, #4 Sam Martin and #13 Kaila Shaw each had 2-points and #5 Parker Kitts had a point. Island Tackle & Hardware: #14 Blaine Mays 4, #12 Kaylee Smith 3, and #4 Alex Testori 2.
9-11 Age Division Saturday Games
• CBDI vs. Subway – CBDI began to run away with this game early and didn’t lok back after taking a 3-point lead in the 1st quarter 7-4. In the 2nd quarter CBDI began to pull away outscoring Subway 10-6 giving them a 7-point halftime lead 17-10. After halftime CBDI continued to pull away going up by 12 after the 3rd quarter and winning by a final score of 35-19. HIGHLIGHTS: CBDI: #1 Jack Garcia 23, #5 NICILAS RUSCETTI 8, AND #13 NICHOLAS SCHWENKER 4. CB SUBWAY - @2 HARRY SMITH-MARTIN 6, 314 Dion Wallace 4, #10 Leo Baggie 3, and #3 Jacob Baugher, #5 Jacob Gaskell and #4 Blake Olanovich each had 2-points.
• Mid Atlantic Drilling vs. Hines Senior Center – This was a close game with both teams tied up at 6-6 after the 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter Cloudwyze was able to go ahead by a point after a very defensive quarter, bringing the score to 9-8. After halftime Hines Senior Center was able to go on a 7-2 run and take the lead 15-11. However in the final quarter Cloudwyze retunred the favor and went on a run that gave them the lead and a 6-point cushion as they went on to win by a final score of 23-17. HIGHLIGHTS: Cloudwyze: #3 Trey Johnson 10, #12 Robbie Helmus 7, and #5 Kenan Everhart, #1 Brady Spartley, and #13 Jared Becken each had 2-points. Hines Senior Center: #1 Taj Monroe 6, #11 Nathan Hardison and #10 Jackson Kupec 4 each, #13 Elizabeth Hancock 2, and #2 Dominic Farmintion 1.
• El Cazador vs. Kure Beach Pier – El Cazador grabbed the lead early in this game and didn’t look back taking a 8-5 lead after the 1st quarter. By halftime they increased their lead to 4-points after a slow 5-4 quarter. After halftime El Cazador really began to pull away outscoring Kure Beach Pier 10-2 in the 3rd quarter and 10-4 in the 4th to take the win 33-15. HIGHLIGHTS: El Cazador: #3 Jacob Lamkin 10, #11 William Davis 8, #2 Nick Verne 8, #2 Nick Verne 4, #13 Kostya Gilman 3, and #5 Tyler Dean, #14 Brayden West, #12 Logan Parker and #10 Emma Page each had 2-points. Kure Beach Pier: #5 Owen Davis 6, #11 Maddox Greene and #13 Mason Johnson 3 each, #1 Chad Fleshman 2, and #10 Patrick Furby 1 point.
• Nikki’s Sushi vs. Mid-Atlantic Drilling – The 1st quarter of this game was close with Mid-Atlantic taking a 2-point lead 10-8. The next quarter was equally as competitive with Nikki’s cutting the lead to a point at halftime 15-14. After halftime Mid-Atlantic was able to get their lead back to 2-points after a 5-4 3rd quarter. In the final quarter the close play continued, with Mid-Atlantic pulling out the win 27-24. HIGHLIGHTS: Mid-Atlantic Drilling: #2 Jas Herring 10, #5 Dwight Best 6, #13 Alyssa Fizer 5, #10 Nate Milin 4, and #11 Zac Silver 2. Nikki’s Sushi: #4 Mason Brooks 6, #5 Ben Testori and #13 Sam Martin 4 each, and #3 Kyle Schoonmaker, #2 Coleman Lamendola, #14 Colin Neal, #10 Tyler Chenevert, and #1 Nic Lamendola 2 each.

Area Sports Schedule: Pleasure Island Rec. Center’s Youth Basketball

January 16th
6:30pm C.B.P.D. vs. Hamm Hearing Aids
7:30pm Allied Pest Control vs. Blackburn Bros. Seafood
January 17th
6:30pm Allied Pest Control vs. C.B.P.D.
7:30pm Blackburn Bros. Seafood vs. Hamm Hearing Aids
January 18th
9:00am P.I. Exercise vs. Island Tackle & Hardware
10:00am Carolina Beach Realty vs. Island Montessori School
11:00am CBPD vs. Lazy Pirate
1:00pm CB Subway vs. El Cazador
2:00pm Mid Atlantic Drilling vs. CB Downtown Initiative
3:00pm Hines Senior Center vs. Nikki’s Gourmet & Sushi
4:00pm CloudWyze vs. Kure Beach Pier