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Pleasure Island Youth Basketball League: Tournament begins this Week

In the 9-11 Age Division Kure Beach Pier took on El Cazador.

6-8 Age Division - Island Montessori School 14 Lazy Pirate 30, Carolina Beach Reralty 17 P.I. Exercise Club 10, CBPD 26 Island Tackle & Hardware 10; 9-11 Age Division - CloudWyze 24 Hines Senior Center 20, Kure Beach Pier  22 El Cazador 33, Mid-Atlantic Drilling 11 Nikki’s Gourmet & Sushi 23, CB Subway 28 CBDI 38; 12-14 Age Division - Costco 43 Superior Medical 32, Michael’s Seafood 22 American Legion 34; 15-17 Age Division - Allied Pest Control 48 Blackburn Brothers Seafood 39, CBPD  56 Hamm Hearing Aid 69

By: Shawn R. McKee
Staff Writer

Week 9
12-14 Age Division
• 6:30PM – Costco vs. Superior Medical – After a even 8-8 1st quarter Costco was able to take a 5-point lead into halftime after outscoring Supeior 10-5 in the 2nd quarter. After halftime Costco’s defense allowed just 4-points while their offense picked up 12-points to take a 13-point lead. In the final quarter Superior was able to start making a come back but Costco was able to connect on their free throws which helped them keep their lead and take the win 43-32. HIGHLIGHTS: Costco: #1 Bradley Plyler 20,#4 Brandon Plyler and #10 Fisher Waggett 6-points each, #11 Rocco Farmintino and #3 Aidan Lafferty4-points each, and #13 Jacob Hardison 3-points. Superior Medical: #14 Jacob Reeves 9, #12 Jarod Tanner 7, #11 Josh Stewart and #15 Jeffery Murphy 4-points each, #13 Thomas Blankenbeckler 3, #10 Nicholas Burghardt and #4 Jantzen Hartsell 2-points each, and #2 Peyton Blankenbeckler 1.
• 7:30PM – Michael’s Seafood vs. American Legion Post 129- The American Legion broke out to a big 9-4 lead after the 1st quarter of this game. However in the 2nd quarter the American Legion’s defense stepped it up and allowed just 1 3-pointer meanwhile their offense picked up 12-points bringing their lead to 21-7. After halftime Michael’s was able to cut into the American Legion’s lead after a 8-4 3rd quarter. In the final Michael’s was unable to stop American Legion’s offense losing by a final score of 34-22. HIGHLIGHTS: Michael’s Seafood: #14 Tyler Tranchon 9, #10 Ethan Graves and #2 Austin Johnson 4-points each, #13 Skii Bollinger 3, and #3 Matt Heglar 2. American Legion Post 129: #3 Elijah Akins 11, #12 Kyle Carpenter 10, #13 Ryan Bailey 8, #10 Ben Stout and 11 Cade Smith-Martin 2-points each, and #15 Morgan Carpenter 1-point.
15-17 Age Division
• 6:30PM – CBPD vs.Hamm Hearing Aids – Hamm jumped out to a 6-point lead after the 1st quarter in this game 17-11. But by halftime CBPD was able to cut that lead down to just 1-point after outscoring Hamm 19-14. After halftime CBPD was able to tie up the game at 48-48 after a close 18-17 3rd quarter. In the final quarter Hamm stepped up their defense allowing just 8-points, while their offense picked up 21-points to take the win 69-56. HIGHLIGHTS: CBPD: #11 Connor Garnette 29, 34 Shawn Weakley 12, #14 Braelyn Little 9, and #2 Cameron Seyer 6. Hamm Hearing Aids: #5 Dustin Hancock 36, #12 Ryan Hardison 12, #4 Scott Best, #10 Anthony Gabriele, and #2 Hawthorne Hamm 4-points each, #14 Jacob Miles and #11 Brandon Nestasia 3-points each, #3 Nash Best2, and #13 Larry Davis 1.
• 7:30PM – Allied Pest Control vs. Blackburn Brothers Seafood – Allied was able to breakout to a early 6-point lead after the 1st quarter, In the 2nd quarter Allied was able to increase their lead to 13-points after a 12-5 2nd quarter bringing the score to 26-13. After halftime Blackburn Brothers was able to get their offense going and picked up 18-points putting them within 2-points of Allied. In the final quarter Allied was able to pull away and after 9 of their 15 points in the quarter from the free throw line they had the win 48-39, HIGHLIGHTS: Allied Pest Control: #14 Josh Johnson 20, #13 Keegan Callhoun 11, #4 Daniel Farriss and #1 Sean Anderson 6-points each, and #11 Jacob Graves 5. Blackburn Brothers Seafood: #11 Donovan Francis 11, #14 Julian Blackburn 10, #10 Logan Loftin 8,  #5 Kyle Dowling and #3 Justin Blackburn 4-points each, and #12 Brice Eller 2-points.
6-8 Age Division
• 9:00AM – Island Montessori School vs. Lazy Pirate – Lazy Pirate jumped out to a early 8-4 lead in this game after the 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter Lazy Pirate was able to add 2 more points to their lead after outscoring Island Montessori 6-4. After halftime Lazy Pirate went on an 8-0 run throughout the 3rd quarter giving them a 22-8 lead. In the final quarter Lazy Pirate was able to again outscore Island Montessori School 8-6 giving them the win 30-14. HIGHLIGHTS: Lazy Pirate: #13 Khalil Kelly 10, #14 Carter Grace and #1 Isaiah Hunter 8-points each, and #10 Owen Morini and #12 Davonte Thursby 2-points each. Island Montessori School: #13 Keaton Green 10 and #14 Brian Graybush 4. 
• 10:00AM – Carolina Beach Realty vs. P.I. Exercise – Carolina Beach Realty started off this game with a 4-0 run throughout the 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter PI Exercise Club was able to cut a point off of Carolina Beach Realty’s lead now at 6-3 going into halftime. After halftime Carolina Beach Realty again came out with a strong defense holding PI Exercise scoreless in the 3rd quarter, while their offense picked up 8-points. In the final quarter PI Exercise Club was able to cut into Carolina Beach Realty’s lead after outscoring them 7-3 but it wasn’t enough and Carolina Beach Realty won their 9th game of the season 17-10. HIGHLIGHTS: Carolina Beach Realty: #14 Terrell Parker 9, #5 Parker Kitts 4, and #Cane Mehling and 311 Josh Gaskell 2-points each. P.I. Exercise: #11 William Griffen 4 and #14 Chan Dozier and #10 Layth Monroe 3-points each.
• 11:00AM – CBPD vs. Island Tackle & Hardware – Island Tackle got off to a good start after taking a 1-point lead by the end of the 1st quarter 4-3. However in the 2nd quarter the CBPD went on a 10-0 run to take a 13-4 lead at halftime. After halftime CBPD brought their lead to 11-points after outscoring Island Tackle again 4-2. In the final quarter CBPD again outscored Island Tackle 9-4 to take the win 26-10. HIGHLIGHTS: #12 Kendall Marcucelli 14, #5 Jayce Atanasoff 11, and #3 Julia Boos 1. Island Tackle & Hardware: #14 Blaine Mays 4 and #2 Rayne Schoonmaker, #12 Kaylee Smith, and #13 Sam Bradshaw 2-points each.
9-11 Age Division
• 1:00PM – Cloudwyze vs. Hines Senior Center – This was a close game between the 1st and 2nd Place teams with Coudwyze taking a 3-point lead after the 1st quarter 5-2. However in the 2nd quarter Hines Senior Center was able to cut the lead down to a point after outscoring Cloudwyze 8-6 going into halftime. After halftime both teams continued to played tough defense and the 1-point lead held up as both teams scored 2-points. In the final quarter both teams offenses picked up with Cloudwyze able to hold on to take the win 24-20 and stay undefeated on the season at 9-0. HIGHLIGHTS: Cloudwyze: #5 Kenan Everhart, #3 Trey Johnson, and #12 Robbie Helmus each had 6-points, #10 Neil Sims, #13 Jard Becken each had 2-points, and #1 Brady Spartley and #14 Keegan Peat each had a point. Hines Senior Center: #12 Mason Massey 12, #11 Nathan Merten 4, and #1 Taj Monroe and #10 Jackson Kupec 2-points each.
• 2:00PM – Kure Beach Pier vs. El Cazador – El Cazador jumped out to a 1-point lead after the 1st quarter 5-4 and didn’t look back. By halftime they were able to extend their lead to 15-8 after outscoring Kure Beach Pier 10-4 in the 2nd quarter. After halftime the score remained the same after both teams picked up 9-points bringing the score to 24-17 going into the last quarter. In the final quarter El Cazador ended the game conneting on their last 6 free throws to take the win 33-22. HIGHLIGHTS: El Cazador: #11 Winston Davis 12, #3 Jacob Lamkin 7, #14 Brayden West and #13 Kostya Gilman 5-points each, #12 Logan Parker 4. Kure Beach Pier: #11 Maddox Greene 7 and #12 Alex Natalicchio, #5 Owen Davies, and #13 Mason Johnson 5-points each.
• 3:00PM – Mid-Atlantic Drilling vs. Nikki’s Sushi – After Mid-Atlantic pulled ahead 3-2 in the 1st quarter, Nikki’s was able to go on a 9-0 run in the 2nd quarter giving them a 8-point halftime lead. After halftime Nikki’s continued to pull away outscoring Mid-Atlantic 10-4 in the 3rd quarter giving them a 14-point lead going into the 4th quarter. In the final quarter both teams were continuing to play tough defense and after a 4-2 quarter Nikki’s had the win 23-11. HIGHILGHTS: Nikki’s Sushi: #3 Kyler Schoonmaker 12, #2 Coleman Lamendola 7, and #4 Mason Brooks and #13 Sam Martin 2-points each. Mid-Atlantic Drilling: #13 Alyssa Fizer 11.

Area Sports Schedule: Pleasure Island Rec. Center’s Youth Basketball

March 6th
6:30pm #1 Costco vs. #4 Michael’s Seafood
7:30pm #2 Superior Medical vs. #3 American Legion
March 7th
6:30pm #1 Blackburn Bros. Seafood vs. #4 Hamm Hearing Aids
7:30pm #2 Allied Pest Control vs. #3 C.B.P.D.
March 8th
#1 Carolina Beach Realty & #2 Lazy Pirate NO Games!
10:00am #4 P.I. Exercise vs. #5 Island Tackle & Hardware
11:00am #3 CBPD vs. #6 Island Montessori School
11:00am  #1 Cloudwyze vs. #8 Kure Beach Pier
1:00pm #4 CB Downtown Initiative vs. #5 El Cazador
2:00pm #2 Nikki’s Gourmet & Sushi vs. #7 Mid Atlantic Drilling
3:00pm #2 Hines Senior Center vs. CB Subway