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2nd Annual Holland Hustle brings large crowd to Carolina Beach Elementary this past Sunday

This past Sunday, May 6th marked the 2nd Annual Holland Hustle. Hundreds of families, friends and neighbors gathered at Carolina Beach Elementary School for the combination 1.2 Mile Fun Run and 5k benefit race.
After a quick Zumba warm up participants lined up for the 1.2 mile fun run. Winners were as follows: Boys 1st Grade: Carter Grace, Tatum Hayden And Kai Nau. Boys 2nd Grade: Cian Perry, Christopher Schwenker And Miles Cloninger, All Three From Carolina Beach. Boys 3rd Grade: Taj Monroe, Arena John And Joey Langhorst. Boys 4th Grade: Nic  Strickland And Matthew Ormsbee. Boys 5th Grade: Darby Sweetz, Kris Mueller And Jesse Mueller. Boys Pre-k: Andrew Kays And Cane Mehling. Boys Kindergarten: Layth Monroe, Jon Baggie And Dominick Federmann. Girls 1st Grade: Julia Boos, Kaitlyn Obremski And Kaia Delozier. Girls 2nd Grade: Noel King, Mariah Durrette And Kora Beth Witzenman. Girls 3rd Grade: Tess Maume, Alana Reichow And Gabby Greer. Girls 4th Grade: Frances Coleman, Mia  Shoffner And Chloe Bella Torres. Girls 5th Grade: Kendall Jones , Anna  And Summer Massey. Girls Pre-k: Alaina, Hannah Grace 0:13:56 And Anna Scott Witzenman. Girls Kindergarten: Alaina Boos, Hannah Grace And
Anna Scott Witzenman. 5k Results: Overall Male And Female: Shawn Mckee And Wendy Strafford Both Of Carolina Beach. Second Overall Male And Female: Toby Patterson And Dylan Merten. Third Place Overall Male And Female: Bob Ginsberg And Hannah Rembach.  Male 7 And Under: Silas Jackson, Kendall  Arcucilli And Will Curl. Male 8-11: Nicolas Ruscetti, Dwight Best And Elijah Stacey. Male 12-14: Scott Deaney, Dylan Merten And Shannon Johnson. Male 30-34: Joshua Obremski, David Streb And Lawrence Williams. Male 35-39: Duke Hagestrom. Male 40-44: Toby Patterson, Edward Lemke And John Gibson. Male 45-49: Scott Baggie, Tim Markley And Steven Merten. Male 50-54: Bob Ginsberg, Daniel  Rembach And Greg Cloninger. Male 55-59: Cliff Schwenker. Male 60-64: Jim Strickland. Male 65+: Jim Burns And George  Mccuiston. Female 8-11: Makayla Obremski, Lucile Jennings Gilbert And Emily Phillips. Female 12-14: Sarah  Strafford, Emily Newsome And Bryjyt  Jones. Female 19-24: Rachel Mccoy. Female 25-29: Blair Williams, Joelle Holland And Ashley Kierzek. Female 30-34: Marsha Obremski, Katherine Sullivan And Jennifer Nau. Female 35-39: Melissa Pannkuk, Veronica Basydlo And Jnelle Ruscetti. Female 40-44: Diane Hogan, Jennifer Coleman And Nicole Becken. Female 45-49: Carol Kays, Isabella Schwenker And Carolina Beach Elementary School’s Own Kim Hord!!! Female 50-54: Everyone’s Favorite Pe Teacher Maggie, Tammy Ross And Cbes Librarian Celesta  Woodard. Female 55-59: Cathy Heglar. Female 60-64: Irene Strickland And The Lovely Linda Holland. Female 65+: Judy Hagestrom, I Believe That Is 3 Generations For The Hagestrom Family!
The Event Is Held Each Year To Honor The Lives And Contributions Of Paula And Vickie Holland Who Both Touched So Many Lives At Carolina Beach Elementary School. This Years Proceeds Benefitted The School’s Music, Technology And Physical Education Departments.