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Wilmington Roadrunner’s hold the 2012 Turkey Trot at the Carolina Beach State Park

8th Annual Turkey Trot 4-Mile Trail Run/Walk was held this past Saturday at the Carolina Beach State Park. This wonderful event is put on every year by the Wilmington Roadrunners Club with proceeds going into the Carolina Beach State Park. Previous proceeds have already held pay for new displays to use as well as a Flag pole with nautical flags for mariners. Condition were indeal for Keith Williams out of Greensboro to finish in 1st Place with a time of 22:49. He and the 1st Place Female winner Brenda Estrack 28:02 will enjoy a 1 weekend stay at Golden Sands Motel. The 1st Place Male Master winner was Greg Hohn of Chapel Hill 26:01 and the Female Master’s Winner was Tracy Christian 29:23. The Top 3 finishers in each Age Division were: Male 1-8: 1st Place Manato Justin Arndall 31:59, 2nd Place Carter O'Donnell             33:53, and 3rd Place Jack O'Donnell 35:21; Male 9-13: 1st Place Alexandre Nadaud 26:49, 2nd Place Harrison Martin 29:51, and 3rd Place Jacob Martin 33:47; Female 9-13: 1st Place Makayla Joy Obremski 31:38, 2nd Place Kaela Gross Close 31:58, and 3rd Place Megan Condon 35:50; Male 14-19: 1st Place Glenn Bailey 23:43, 2nd Sam Theriault 26:30, and 3rd Place Connor Nelson 27:22; Female 14-19: 1st Place Rachel Quindlen 31:47, 2nd Place Alison Maccherone 33:00, and 3rd Place Rebekah Anne Johnston 46:20; Male 20-24: 1st Place Joshua Butler 26:37, 2nd Place William Morrissey 27:22, and 3rd Place Anthony Morrisey 30:53; Female 20-24: 1st Place Lauren Visser 29:06, 2nd Place Katie Manning 38:25, and 3rd Place Kathleen F Dill 39:00; Male 25-29: 1st Place Christopher Burkett 23:31, 2nd Place Jared Hatch 28:38, and 3rd Place Brent Hall 30:56; Female 25-29: 1st Place Amber Rae Rogers 29:35, 2nd Place Lindsey Lynskey 34:02, and 3rd Place Sarah Andrews 35:46; Male 30-34: 1st Place Lawrence Landrigan 29:54, 2nd Place Daniel Reuben 30:13, and 3rd Place Thomas Heath Nance 30:26; Female 30-34: 1st Place Erin Green 30:17, 2nd Place Sara Rudy 31:55, and 3rd Place Andrea Nance 33:00; Male 35-39: 1st Place Colin Hackman 25:31, 2nd Place Charles Johnson 27:59, and 3rd Place Tyler Rabon 28:00; Male 35-39: 1st Place Sarah Hallenbeck 28:19, 2nd Place Anna T White 32:25, and 3rd Place Susan Lew 32:26; Male 40-44: 1st Place Mark Joyce 26:47, 2nd Place Frank Pirozzi 28:35, and 3rd Place Brian K Causey 28:55; Female 40-44: 1st Place Candy Herrick 30:08, 2nd Place Renee Griffin 31:36, and 3rd Place Colleen Pirozzi 32:08; Male 45-49: 1st Place John Hawksby 27:42, 2nd Place Rick Poplaski 28:08, and 3rd Place Dale Fleck 28:09; Female 45-49: 1st Place  Mary Ellen Condon 31:05, 2nd Place Lisa Theriault 31:16, and 3rd Place Terrey Hatcher 33:34; Male 50-54: 1st Place Thomas Porter 26:52, 2nd Place Bruce Brawley 27:07, and 3rd Place  Mark Claycomb 28:13; Female Age 50-54: 1st Place  Steffee Bowden 36:47 and 2nd Place Debbie Atkinson 1:01:31; Male 55-59: 1st Place  Milt Kelly 27:57, 2nd Place Jeff Smith 28:23, and 3rd Place Ron L Wormwood 31:40; Female 55-59: 1st Place Mimi T Kim 53:13, 2nd Place Judy Craver 59:46, and 3rd Place Jill Johnson 59:51; Male 60-64: 1st Place Bob Manning 38:55, 2nd Place Dennis Schaefer 40:43, and 3rd Place John Thomas Bost 53:03; Female 60-64: 1st Place Diane L. Kelly 34:40, 2nd Place Cindy George 44:25, and 3rd Place Teresa Graham Shepard 48:40; Male 65-69: 1st Place Lee Crouch 36:45, 2nd Place Eddie Boylan 53:18, and 3rd Place Carlos M Applewhite 1:01:58; Male 70-74: 1st Place Bill Jackson 39:41 and 2nd Place Ed Demarco 1:13:56.