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2013 Turkey Trot’s Success benefit’s the Carolina Beach State Park

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(Pictured Above): 1st Place Overall Male Tom Clifford.


(Pictured Above): 1st Place Overall Female Alice Kassen.

The Wilmington Road Runners have had a long-standing unsaid partnership with the Carolina Beach State Park as they have donated proceeds from their Annual Turkey Trot to better the Park since the race began. A lot of the proceeds got to the trials maintenance as well as educationally pieces on display in the Carolina Beach State Park’s Visitors Center. 
This year was one of the largest years for this 4-mile Trail Run which takes participants from the Carolina Beach State Park Marina thru the Trails of the Park before ending in the Fly Trap Loop Parking lot. There were a total of 243 participants in this race ranging from 3 – 77 Years old. After the race runner’s enjoyed a buffet breakfast provided by A&G BBQ. The fastest person on the trail this year is no stranger to winning this race and as a matter of fact this was his 3rd race this week that he won. Tom Clifford cover the course in just over 21:00. The fastest female was Alice Kassens 25:39. The Master’s winner was Kyle Sheppard 25:21 and Brenda Estlack 28:02.
The rest of the Age Division Winners were: Male 1-8: 1st Place Shigeo Briggs 44:12, 2nd Place Chase Shepherd 45:08, and 3rd Place Joshua Eammon Nath Simmons 52:29; Female 1-8: 1st Place Maris Lamm Toppin 47:54 and 2nd Place Holly McKee 49:04; Male 9-13: 1st Place Sam Hagestrom 36:18, 2nd Place Jake Mackleer 39:55, and 3rd Place Cameron Lesko 43:51; Female 9-13: 1st Place Makayla Joy Obremski 30:38, 2nd Place Jenna Pellizari 34:27, and 3rd Place Emily Esposito 36:05; Male 14-19: 1st Place Glenn Bailey 23:14, 2nd Place Matt Gray Wilson 25:45, and 3rd Place Zach Gray 32:30; Female 14-19: 1st Place Sarah Pellizzari 28:59, 2nd Place Megan Pawlowski 33:48, and 3rd Place Claire Gray 35:16; Male 20-24: 1st Place Daweet Dagnachew 21:55, 2nd Place Vincent A Trebat 29:35, and 3rd Place David Levintow 30:31; Female 20-24: 1st Place Sara Levintow 31:19, 2nd Place Leighann Scheetz 32:01, and 3rd Place Caroline Rodrigue 36:03; Male 25-29: 1st Place Randall Scott Trebat Jr.    25 Alexandria         VA   25:24, 2nd Place Adam Edgar 28:58, and 3rd Place Patrick Cavallaro 32:18; Female 25-29: 1st Place Sarah Day 30:53, 2nd Place Tara Lynn Schaberg 34:34, and 3rd Place Lisa Edgar 35:00; Male 30-34: 1st Place Stephen Dees 26:03, 2nd Place Ben Suggs 29:13, and 3rd Place Michael Thomas 31:38; Female 30-34: 1st Place Christina Dees 28:46, 2nd Place Anne Berit Peterson 31:18, and 3rd Place Allison Lynne Shofe 31:57; Male 35-39: 1st Place  L.J. Hepp 28:17, 2nd Place Thomas Heath Nance 29:04, and 3rd Place C B Johnson 29:09; Female 35-39: 1st Place Sarah Overbaugh Hallenbeck 27:26, 2nd Place Leslie Clark 31:26, and 3rd Place Aimee Flint 37:03; Male 40-44: 1st Place Blair Deale 26:45, 2nd Place Ryan Murphy 29:12, and 3rd Place Mike Duncan 29:44; Female 40-44: 1st Place Tonya Gilley 32:45, 2nd Place Carey Leach 33:26, and 3rd Place Tracee Hagestrom 34:59; Male 45-49: 1st Place Mark Joyce 25:41, 2nd Place Rick Poplaski 26:21, and 3rd Place Peyton Chitty 28:49; Female 45-49: 1st Place Donalda Cairney 32:02, 2nd Place Holly H Cunningham 32:11, and 3rd Place Lisa Brosier 34:28; Male 50-54: 1st Place Thomas Porter 27:31, 2nd Place Mark Basquill 30:09, and 3rd Place David Flory 30:29; Female 50-54: 1st Place Kathryn Scheetz 32:01, 2nd Place Tracy Christian 32:11, and 3rd Place Carol Kays 32:53; Male 55-59: 1st Place Bruce Bullard 32:34, 2nd Place Ron Wormwood 32:38, and 3rd Place Gary A Cook 32:55; Female 55-59: 1st Place Dani Phillips 33:38, 2nd Place Holly Konrady 34:30, and 3rd Place Katharina Levintow 36:01; Male 60-64: 1st Place Jeff Smith 29:27, 2nd Place Larry Clark 32:33, and 3rd Place Peter Meyer 32:49; Female 60-64: 1st Place Beth Brampton 46:46 and 2nd Place Mary Brezinski 1:07:40; Female 65-69: 1st Place A M Crouch III 36:51; Female 65-69: 1st Place Sophie Hall 51:56, 2nd Place Mary C Grinnell 57:17, 3rd Place Joann Doleman 1:07:37; Male 70-74: 1st Place Judy Hagestrom 46:42 and 2nd Place Muriel Odeen 55:38; Male 75-99: 1st Place Robert Doleman 1:03:03.