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Freeman Park Trashed Over Memorial Day Weekend

(Photo by: Robbie Johnson) One of many piles of trash and debris left on Sunday morning, Memorial Day weekend.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - Freeman Park was trashed Sunday morning May 27, over Memorial Day weekend due tides, weather and a broken trashcan machine.
Over night the tides washed higher onto the beach due to strong surf conditions and wind. That, combined with light rain, created a situation that drove campers to leave in a hurry. Carolina Beach Interim Police Chief Kurt Bartley explained, "It drizzled rain a little and the tide came in pretty strong. That morning people started leaving in a hurry. They would just abandon their camps."
Bartley said a trashcan machine used to dump the large trashcans within the park was out of service. He said police officers passed out a few bags to people, gave warnings to others about fines but, "They were leaving so fast there was no way to reach everyone. They were leaving in droves after getting wet." Bartley said the volume of people was understandable due to the holiday weekend. He said an alternate plan is in place for the upcoming July 4th, holiday weekend. The Town will put out additional trashcans in addition to a trailer they have previously positioned within the park to collect refuse. The Town also recently obtained a surplus military vehicle that can carry trash. The Town can use backhoes to collect refuse to place in the truck. Bartley said police can and will issue fines ranging from $50 to $100 to people who don't heed a warning not to leave trash behind.